June 20

Different tipes of Octopuses

Your diving in the the sea, just off the coast of Lembeh, a perfect Island. As you get closer, and closer to the bottom of the ocean you notice a conch shell. To curious, you flip it over. Ahh there is a living thing in there! That’s not a conch, it’s a cocunut octupus. It’s wierd name comes from it’s habit of hiding in old cocunuts shells.

Octopuses can change color too, when the Octopus relaxes the muscles around the the sac, it can produce colors and patterns such as stripes or spots.

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June 16

Breakout EDU

Breakoutedu was a very fun game. We took risks but never gave up. Next time I would have liked it better if we worked more as a team. But other than that I had a lot of fun trying to break codes to open the box. At first I didn’t even think that there was a prise inside the box, but there turned out to be candy! Not only that but there was also hershi kisses too!

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June 16

Kayaking trip


When you think about a kayaking trip, I would bet you that your first guess would not be that you went with your class during school. It was a site to see relaxing in a kayak in a 94 degree weather. I tried out every kayaking boat you think of, and as bonus we got to go on the stand up paddle board.




May 16

Sophia’s war


Sophia’s war is written by Avi. It takes place in NYC during the revolutionary war. Sophia is a proud patriot and so is her brother fighting for freedom. She and her family were caught in the quartering act. A British Soldier had to live with them. After all, she and her family thought he wasn’t that bad. For his elegance, and especially his charming smile made Sophia fall in love with John Andre. One day, as Sophie walked about with John, she saw it, right there in front her eyes, her brother beat up and going to jail with all the other thousand rebel prisoners. She tried to pretend not to notice, but it was too hard. “Wiliam!” She yelled. He didn’t notice.  “Sophia, what is up?” asked Andre.  “William!” Then later on in the book Sophia gets enough money to meet her brother sadly when she got there a young British soldier sadly told Sophia he died two days ago. Three years later Sophia notices that a guy is following her finally one day as she walked home the suspicious man whispered in her ear, “I knew who your brother was”, “And I know you want to work for the rebels.” “And I can get you that job you want,” Sophia thought about what this guy said. The next day Sophia told him it’s a deal. Soon enough she starts her job and starts to work for John Andre. I chose this book because it is entertaining, and I love the genre Historical Fiction. I think the life lesson in this book is never give up, and oh yeah I forgot, I didn’t finish telling you the whole book so if your still intrested, buy the book, and read it!    

May 11



Art is one of my great passions. It’s soothing, calm, and you will never be timed or rushed. Just take a piece of paper and draw whatever your mind puts you too. I love doing that because it gives me a time to relax and compose myself. If you really come to enjoy art, I would recommend taking some art lessons like me. Sooner or later you will be an official artist. Drawing landscapes, cities, buildings, mountains, and much more beautiful sites to see.

Art is not only just drawings there is also water color regular painting, folk art, sketching, and way more different ways of art.      


April 3

Introducing My Life

Hey, everyone! My name is Leo.I have been so excited about this blog all year long. Now knowing right here, right this moment, that I am starting it is mind blowing. I just don’t know where to start. I have one younger brother – he’s 5, I also have an older brother who’s 11.

My hobbies are art, baseball, basketball ,and lacrosse. My favorite is either basketball or art. It’s hard to choose which one. When that stuff isn’t going on, I spend my time writing stories. Right now I’m writing a story about these two people,one’s new to Farm Red school and one’s not. The problem is that there is a bully in town.

Art is a very special thing to me. It’s important in my life because it’s relaxing and fun for when your bored and there is nothing else to do. When I’ve had a tough day, or I’m mad about something that happened, all I do is go draw or even paint.

Baseball is another thing that’s fun in my life. It might not be my favorite sport or hobby, but I do love it. The only reason it’s not on the top of my list is because at sleep away camp I got a concussion playing baseball. When me and my friends were playing around, my friend swung the bat and it hit me in the back of the head.

Basketball is one of my favorite things to do, too. In fact, maybe even my favorite hobbie. Basketball is already my favorite sport, but there still is a fight for my favorite thing to do in life with basketball ,and art.

Lacrosse I also really treasure because it’s the only tuff ,ruff sport I play. This is because baseball is a little too slow, basketball has like a million rules and fouls, and most of all, because art is not even really a sport. I’m not saying those stuff are terrible, I’m just saying if you’re gonna play all those sports, you’ve gotta have a rough one!