Do you think we should or shouldn’t have homework?

Do you think we should or shouldn’t have homework? You may think I’m asking you if you like homework or if you don’t like homework, but I’m not. I’m asking you if you think we should or shouldn’t have homework. I think we should have homework because homework is making us practice our school work and if we don’t practice our school work, we won’t be able to remember anything that we were taught in school. Another reason is it doesn’t do any harm to have homework. Now maybe if you thought we shouldn’t have before you might have changed your opinion.

If you want to see who people in class voted for, it’s down below.


Ariana: shouldn’t Brandon: shouldn’t Ellie: should Gabriel: shouldn’t Hana: shouldn’t Heather: shouldn’t Jake: shouldn’t Kei: shouldn’t Meera/Me: should Rio: shouldn’t Nathalie: should Nico: shouldn’t Ravi: shouldn’t Rebecca: should Sabrina: shouldn’t Sarah: should Serena: shouldn’t Shea: shouldn’t Tavish: should

Shouldn’t won, boo.

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