May 2017 archive

H&M is the Best!

Have you ever been to H&M to get clothes? I have and it’s awesome because the clothes there are just what I want. There is literally every type of clothes that you have ever heard of there. H&M has clothes for women, men, girls and boys. Lots of other stores that you could get clothes from only have clothes for grownups. And kids( like me) don’t really think it’s fun shopping for  grownups clothes. H&M has lots of spring clothes, summer clothes, winter clothes and fall clothes. For example , one time it was winter time and my mom and me were shopping at H&M. We were looking for some winter clothes for me. Everywhere I looked there was something that I loved and was season appropriate. Another example is, it was summer time and my mom and me were going shopping for some dresses and shorts for me. We were also searching for shorts for my mom. Fifteen minutes later me and my mom were so happy. We had everything we needed for summer. Now maybe you’ll go to H&M.