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You Should Read…

You should read the book called Pie! It’s an amazing book and it is appropriate for children. My teacher (Ms. Assatly) read this book aloud to my class and we loved it. This book includes a mystery, idioms, flashbacks, and real pie recipes! I think the best pies that have a recipe that are listed in the book are, buttermilk pie and coconut cream pie. This book is about a young girl named Alice whose aunt ( the Ipswich pie queen) passed away. Polly’s( Alice’s aunt) will says that she gives the pie crust recipe to Lardo. I wonder what will happen. You probably really want to read this book now so go ahead. You can get this book on amazon, Barnes and Noble and many more shops or websites.

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My Ocean Food Web

Do you know what an ecosystem is? Well if you don’t it is a place where living and nonliving things interact. For an example in the dessert the animals that interact there are snakes, woodpeckers, insects, owls, rabbits, squirrels, cacti, fox, lizard, Joshua trees, the sun and bacteria. Everything is an ecosystem because everything has nonliving and living things interacting. If there were no ecosystems in the world, there would be dead things everywhere like dead bodies, dead animals, dead plants and so much more. This is why ecosystems are supper important.

In my ocean food web, I used creatures that live in the oceans and put arrows directing to what they eat. For an example I drew an arrow from seaweed to crab because crabs eat seaweed and crabs live in seaweed. This is called a web because animals can connect to multiple different animals. I included Blue Whales, Killer Whale, Leopard Seal, Fish, Seagull, Krill, Penguin, Elephant Seal, Seaweed, Crab, Squid, Zooplankton and Phytoplankton. All of these animals interact with each other in the ocean habitat. 


My Indian Heritage

Guess what! My great grandfather was a member of the Indian Parliament (senator).His name was T.N. Viswanatha Reddy and he was a great politician. He was born on July 1, 1919. The people in India who supported him were from Chittoor and Rajampet in South India. He was part of the first Parliament (congress) after India got independence from the British. He belonged to the Indian National Congress Party who fought for India’s independence. He was under the first prime minister of India, Nehru. My great grandfather died on June 31, 1989 at the age 70.

He had three children who were named Ramachandra Reddy, Saila Reddy and Shobha Reddy ( my grandmother). His grandchildren are Deepa Reddy, Vishnu Reddy, Pavan Reddy, Arjun Reddy, Pallavi Reddy  and Shilpa Reddy ( my mother). And finally his great grandchildren are Aditi Reddy, Nithya Reddy, Nikhil Reddy, Kushal Reddy, Varun Reddy,Saharsh Reddy, Keya Premraj, Nidhi Reddy, Meera Spencer (me), Max Spencer (my brother), Dhruv Reddy, and Leela Reddy.

And there is something else really cool about my Indian heritage. My great great uncle

was once the President of India between the years of 1977 to 1982. He was the 6th President of India and his name was Neelam Sanjiva Reddy. Something really cool is that my mom visited him at the presidential palace in New Delhi while he was the President and she was eleven years old. He was a part of the Janata Party and he died on June 1 1996 at the age 83.

My great great uncle.

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I couldn’t find my great grandfather so I did his son.

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