My Ocean Food Web

Do you know what an ecosystem is? Well if you don’t it is a place where living and nonliving things interact. For an example in the dessert the animals that interact there are snakes, woodpeckers, insects, owls, rabbits, squirrels, cacti, fox, lizard, Joshua trees, the sun and bacteria. Everything is an ecosystem because everything has nonliving and living things interacting. If there were no ecosystems in the world, there would be dead things everywhere like dead bodies, dead animals, dead plants and so much more. This is why ecosystems are supper important.

In my ocean food web, I used creatures that live in the oceans and put arrows directing to what they eat. For an example I drew an arrow from seaweed to crab because crabs eat seaweed and crabs live in seaweed. This is called a web because animals can connect to multiple different animals. I included Blue Whales, Killer Whale, Leopard Seal, Fish, Seagull, Krill, Penguin, Elephant Seal, Seaweed, Crab, Squid, Zooplankton and Phytoplankton. All of these animals interact with each other in the ocean habitat. 


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  1. kassatly
    December 20, 2017 at 1:53 pm (2 years ago)

    Meera! Nice food web and explanation! I love how you are really using your blog!


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