Our Reading Unit with Mr.DeBerry and Mrs.Berger’s Class.

Hurricane Katrina killed  people. I know/understand this because I used some important reading techniques that helped me a lot. I learned all this stuff with 4B and Mr.DeBerry. Today in this blog post I will be telling you about all the techniques I used to help me become a better reader and researcher.

The first technique that I learned that helped me was when everyone in 4A (my class) and 4B had to write any type of chart about nonfiction in their life. What I mean by nonfiction in your life is writing down things that you see that are nonfiction. For an example some things that I wrote down in my notebook was “ a piece of paper with my schedule on it, the nametag on my math workbook, the title of my friends book, the clock and lots more. This helped me because it helped me understand and notice nonfiction stuff and words.

Another technique that really helped me was when my teacher told me that every book I read, I have to do boxes and bullets. This helps because it makes you concentrate on what the main idea is and what small facts support the main idea. For an example in the book The Mysterious Of Amelia Earhart, the main idea was the flights that she took, but I narrowed it down and the main idea and small facts were:

Tornado Safety

  • If you are buried under a pile of debris, scream and help will come
  • If your house is near Tornado Alley, you should have a place to go if a tornado is coming
  • During a bad storm, listen for weather updates
  • A tornado watch means that weather conditions are bad enough for a tornado to form
  • During a tornado warning means that someone has spotted a tornado nearby.

The second to last technique that will helped me with reading was how to choose an informational and helpful book. This helped me because I got more information out of some book than others. Or if a book is to easy for me, I could notice it and pick a new book, so I could get more facts. For an example when I was reading books about dolphins, there was an easy book and just right book. The easy book had one sentence on each page and I got very few facts out of it. The other book was just right and had a lot of facts that made sense to me and and I could understand. I knew that the just right book was the right book to choose. The last technique that helped me was learning how to summerize your text. That helped me because when you grow up summarizing text is really important because you sound more interesting than you do if you are reading random facts.

My classmates and I used a resource called flipgrid. We talked a little about what we wrote in this post.

In this unit, my classmates and I learned how to be a excellent/better reader and researcher.

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