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My Dad is Amazing

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Is your dad amazing? Well mine definitely is. My dad is amazing in lots of different ways. One way is that he benefits me a lot. Some ways he benefits me are by giving me his good genes, keeping me safe and most importantly providing me with everything I need.

The first reason that my dad benefits me is he gave me his good genes. Some of the good genes he gave me are kindness, responsibility and organization. I know I’m organized because my room is almost always cleaned and my desk is organized perfectly. My pencils are lined up in the middle draw, dull pencils and putty are lined up in the right draw and headphones + pens are in the left draw. On the desk is all my homework and stuff. I know that I am kind because I always help a friend (or person) in need. Finally I know I’m responsible because I am polite. I say thank you, please and look people in the eye when I’m talking to them. Also I don’t blame people for doing something. I am glad my dad gave me his good genes because if he didn’t I wouldn’t have a good life.


The second reason that my dad benefits me is he keeps me safe. He keeps me safe on the streets, in the car and in our house. He keeps me safe on the streets by holding my hand and always keeping his eye on me. He keeps me safe in the car by not drinking or texting while he’s driving me to school or an activity that I have. He keeps me safe in our house by having locks on doors+windows and having an alarm system that works. I am glad I am kept safe 24/7 because if I wasn’t, I probably would have a shorter life.


Although my dad benefits me by giving me his good genes and keeping me safe, He benefits me the most by providing me with everything I need. Some things he provides me with are things that I need to live. Some of those things are food, money and shelter. He also provides me with an opportunity to have a great life. What I mean by that is he makes me go to school so I could have a proper education, he makes me do things that I don’t want to do but he knows is right and he supports me no matter what. My dad also provides me with emotional support.  For example, one time I was playing basketball and I shot on the other teams hoop by accident. “No! I screamed as the ball rolled into the net. “Really,” my teammate said as she gave me a little shove. “I didn’t mean to,” I said, but she ignored me like almost everyone did for the rest of the game. What I mean by ignoring me is that they didn’t give me the ball when I was wide open. At the end of the game, my dad came up to me and hugged me. Somehow the hug made me feel better. Then my dad said to me “Everyone makes mistakes. That just proves you were working hard.” “Thanks dad,”I said. “For what?” My dad replied. “For being the best dad you could be!” I said. That was a time my dad helped me overcome my emotions. I hope my dad keeps on providing me with everything I need because so far my life has been amazing in plenty of ways.

Other people should care about this because your dad most likely works hard to benefit you. I’m pretty sure he benefits you by giving you his good genes, by keeping you safe and by providing you with everything you need and a lot more.            

Current Event

Title: Good as Gold

Source: TimeForKids

Article Date: March 2 2018

News Type: World


Maia and Alex Shibutani have been a figure skating team since 2004. Maia and Alex are special because they are siblings. Both of them love figure skating and they make a perfect pair when they ice dance. Maia is 24 and Alex is 26. The siblings are American and in the olympics they were on the USA team.

In the 2018 Pyeongchang olympics, Maia and Alex got there first medals ever. Even though Maia and Alex only got two bronze medals, they were overflowing with joy. When Maia and Alex Shibutani got a bronze medal for the last ice dancing event, they were especially happy. The Shibutani’s got their first medal in the team event. During an interview, Alex Shibutani said, “It feels like gold.”

Maia and Alex Shibutani are an influence for brothers and sisters all over the world. Fans love the twins so much they even made nicknames for them. One nickname for the siblings are the Shib Sibs. Later as they got better, the fans started calling them The King and Queen of Twizzles.

During the ice dancing event, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada got the gold medal. Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron of France won silver. But it was the Shibutanis can-do spirit that won the day. I hope the Shibutanis keep ice skating and I know that if they skating they will win more medals than any other sibling pair. I love the Shibutanis and they are amazing in every way possible.

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Shib Sibs sk8 2 Olympics & 2 medals. Hope 2 win more @ next Winter Olympics.Alex-“It feels like gold” after winning bronze @timeforkids MS