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Title: Luxury Space Hotel Promises A Truly Out-Of-This World Vacation.

Source: Dogonews

Article Date: April 14 2018

News Type: World

Have you been searching for a “truly out-of-this world vacation.” Well if you have, you should check out Orian Span’s new “Aurora Station, the world’s first luxury hotel in space.” This luxurious hotel will most likely be launching in 2021. It will begin taking passengers/visitors by 2022.


This “space hotel,” is a pill-shape and will begin being constructed in 2019. The “space hotel,” will be “43.5 feet long and 14.1 feet wide.” It,” can hold four guests and two crew members/former astronauts in two private rooms. Even though, it seems like their is nothing to do except to look outside into space, the tourists could play cards, see the glorious views of the sunrises and sunsets, see the “breathtaking” northern and southern auroras (that the hotel was named by), eat non astronaut food and drinks, see some experiments the astronauts might have made and go to the Wi-Fi cabin where you can connect with your family and friends down on Earth. At the end of this luxurious and long vacation, the passengers on this “space hotel,” will will “be treated to a heroes welcome.”Just like the one where real astronauts return from an important space mission.


 Before you go on this amazing and luxurious trip, the guests that are going to go on this trip, will have to go to a space academy for 3 months to prepare themselves for space travel with no gravity. At this space academy, they will be taught how to move with no gravity, the basics of spaceflight and the use of orbital mechanics. But there is a part of this academy that will be issued to complete online or on an app. The second part will involve learning about all the things I listed above. Also for the second part, the guests have to go to “Orian Span’s state-of-the-art facility in Houston, Texas.” The final step (getting their certificates), will be done in space.


Don’t start packing your bags just yet. First you might want to take a look at the price of the trip. The 12-day round trip is $9.5 million- $791,667 per night-for each guest!!! While the amount is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to high for most people, you should hear how much it costed for a few private citizens to stay on the “International Space Station (ISS).” It was “$20 million to $40 million.” It’s no surprise people are coming in from everywhere to book themself a reservation on the Aurora Station. “Orian Span says the hotel was fully booked for the first four months within five days after they began accepting booking, and the requests kept coming.” That’s quick for such an expensive hotel booking!


Those seeking more time to feel and prosurve their inner astronaut will be happy to hear that the Aurora Station is getting built in “celestial condos,”  so they can channel their in astronaut at whatever time.


Even though you may have thought this was the only “space hotel,” it isn’t, in early March, Las Vegas announced plans to launch their own “space habitats,” that are connected to create space for housing six people at a time. Another space company called NanoRacks also has similiar dreams to make a “space hotel.” They are going to use old rockets hovering around in space into, “luxury hotels rooms, orbiting labs, and storage containers.” I would love to go on any of these luxurious and spacey tripes. But I know I wouldn’t be going on any of these trips because they cost to much money for an ordinary family like mine.

Personal Response, I chose this article because I thought it was interesting how a hotel was being made in space. Before I read the article, I wondered if the hotel would be booked quickly and how long the trip would take. When I read the article, I got my answers. And even now I’m surprised about the answers I got.   

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