June 2018 archive

Fourth Grade, Class of 2018

Dear Reader,                                                                                                                                                                                        Fourth grade is a grade with very fun field trips, challenges, projects and happy experiences.  Fourth grade is the best grade if you get Mrs.Assatly. You will love it.

Some field trips that you go on are to Philharmonics, Wayside Cottage, Marble Schoolhouse, St. Paul’s Church and Scarsdale Pool kayaking. My favorite field trip is when we go to St. Paul’s Church because we get to learn a lot of history about the church. We get to visit a graveyard there, we get to learn a bout the hospital there and we get to visit a museum there. It is very interesting. All the field trips we’ve been on, are off the charts amazing and they have been the best field trips, I have ever been on.

Some challenges are when we do our american revolution books, some of our math tests and some of our wordly wise tests. The most challenging challenge in fourth grade for me was when we were doing our american revolution books because towards the end when we didn’t have a lot of time to work on our books, I got really stressed.

Some projects that you do are science land and water projects, revolutionary war projects, colonial times projects and even some art projects. In my opinion, my favorite project is the revolutionary war project because you get to study the revolutionary war and then make a book about the revolutionary war. You include drawings, writing pieces and all book elements such as the table of contents and the verso. The projects that we did this year, were the best projects I’ve ever done in school.

Some happy experiences are when we go kayaking in the Scarsdale Pool, when we had our writing celebration and when we got to have ice pops. My happiest experience was our writing celebration because we got to eat delicious food and we got to present our books to the parents of 4a and because we got comments on our book which was fun to get. There are a lot of happy experiences in fourth grade that are the best ever!!!!!!!

As you know, Fourth Grade is a grade with very fun field trips, challenges, projects and happy experiences. Fourth Grade is amazing in every way and I don’t think anything could’ve made it better. I think you will love it and you will cherish Mrs.Assatly like I did.