Dear Reader,

                 I just started a new quarterly. I’m really excited because everyone loves Mr. Calvert, and loves what we do. We have had three classes, and the first was nothing special. We went over the safety rules. Blah Blah Blah. It was good I guess so we don’t get hurt. But yesterday we did our first activity. We played Breakout!!! It was so much fun. We were separated into two teams and raced to see who could finish first. Were were given three locks we had to unlock. We were given about 4 or 5 clues. The first lock we opened before the the other team so we were ahead of them. Then a few minutes later they opened their lock. The second lock no one could get. Then I looked at a clue and just guessed a word that was on the clue and it opened. We only had one more lock besides the bonus one. The other team got the look shortly after us so whoever unlocked the third lock first, won. We were about to open the lock, but then the other team, opened theirs and yelled “we win!” My team was about to open the lock, so I was kind off sad. Anyway, both the teams tried to open the bonus lock but no one could do it. Then a boy from the other team guessed something, and it was correct. Luckily the bonus didn’t Giuseppe a team any extra points. While we were opening the locks, Mr. Calvert was timing us to make sure wee did it in 20 minutes. I think we got around 15 minutes, so technically, we’re all winners!


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