The Circuit Game

A few days ago we finished our switches so on Monday we played a game with our finished  circuits. Basically, we connected our switches to a breadboard with some alligator clips and a small LED light. We connected them so when the tinfoil on my circuit hit tinfoil, the alligator clips connected them so when they touched, the small LED light turn on. We got into groups of 4. The first two jobs were to flip piles of cards. As you know a deck of cards has half red cards, and half black cards. The two people split the cards evenly having no idea which colors they get because they shuffled them. The people don’t look at the cards. On the count of three, they both flip the top card. The next person’s job is based on the color of the cards, press each of the switches so the light goes on. The last person’s job is to record any mistakes the person who does the circuits make. Now you know how to play the game, so go play.

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