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Energy #2

This weekend I used energy by eating chocolate. The chemical bonds in the sugar were broken which is why the energy I used was chemical which is a form of kinetic energy. I also used energy when I turned in the stove. This energy was thermal because heat came from turning on the stove. There are a lot of ways you can use energy during the day!!!


Energy is the ability to do work. Energy is something that cannot be destroyed or created. Energy is categorized into two categories called kinetic and potential energy. Potential energy is energy that is stored up and kinetic energy is energy in motion. There are forms of these energy’s like chemical, mechanical, and gravitational. Energy can be transferred from one form or from one object to another. Energy can be used for many different things.

Coronus Virus

So far 81 people have died from the coronas virus including an eight month year old baby. The coronas virus is spreading but it started in China. Doctors believe it started in a grocery store from their cow stock. They think the animals first had the disease and now the humans do. The coronas virus has already spread to the United Kingdom. The reason so many people are dying is because the doctors haven´t figured out a treatment for it. A lot of Chinese people who I have seen at the airport were wearing masks over their mouths because they are scared they will be infected. The city it started from is Muhan.

Photo Booth!

A few days ago Mr. Calvert got us a photo booth. It is a box with a white background. There is a ipad on a stand looking into the box. It is very bright in there perfect for pictures. Mr. Calvert told us to take a picture of our flashlights in it with pur plan. There is a switch that activates the photo booth to turn on and to make the light turn on. This is what it looks not on.


Today after many weeks, I have finished my flashlight. It works so well and it has a very bright light. To finish it off, today I drilled two hole. One for the light, and one for the switch. This is my flashlight. As you can see, in blue I circled my switch. If you flick it the light turns on. Inside the flash light, they’re are wires that make the flashlight turn on and off. There is also a battery in there. Circled in red is my light. It is on the end of my flashlight and I think it’s in the perfect spot. I plan to give this to my dad. I’m so happy I’m finally FINISHED!!!

When we came back from break, we started to built our flashlights! First we had to blue print our designs. We got this sheet tat had boxes on it all across the page. We had to measure the pieces and graph them on the paper. Then we had to make sure the measurements were correct. Then we made our final blueprint. We added all the parts and connected them. Then we added wires and circuits to the final plan. Then we are ready to start building!!!!!

Flash Lights

Today we learned about the boys who got trapped in the cave in Thailand. Since the boys were trapped about a mile underground in sea cave cornered my water, it was pitch black so they couldn’t see anything. Today in class we started to plan designs to make flash lights. We were given all the different designs you can use to make the flash light. I got a really good idea. To connect a big piece with a big piece, you have to use a small piece called a pipe. You can use a big or a small pipe to connect the whichever you want. The things the flash lights needed to have is a hole for the light, it has to be able to fit in a specific sized box around 6 feet on each size. The last thing is it has to be water proof so the boys stuck in the cave could’ve used it and it would have worked. I can’t wait to finish the flash light!!!

The Circuit Game

A few days ago we finished our switches so on Monday we played a game with our finished  circuits. Basically, we connected our switches to a breadboard with some alligator clips and a small LED light. We connected them so when the tinfoil on my circuit hit tinfoil, the alligator clips connected them so when they touched, the small LED light turn on. We got into groups of 4. The first two jobs were to flip piles of cards. As you know a deck of cards has half red cards, and half black cards. The two people split the cards evenly having no idea which colors they get because they shuffled them. The people don’t look at the cards. On the count of three, they both flip the top card. The next person’s job is based on the color of the cards, press each of the switches so the light goes on. The last person’s job is to record any mistakes the person who does the circuits make. Now you know how to play the game, so go play.


For the past few days, my class and I have been making pendants. We have been bending wires into shapes. First we took a long wire and bended it into a circle with a loop to put the string in. Then we had to make a design inside of it using at the most 5 wires. I chose to make a basketball because it is simple, and basketball is my favorite sport. I made little wires into the shape of a basketball. Then I went to go solder my pieces together. First you take the rod and get the wire hot. Then you take the other piece and melt the wires together. I out my pendant on a copper string and cut it so it’s a choker. I can’t wait to wear it more!!!

Pajama Program

A few days ago, the founder of the pajama program came to class and taught us about the program. She told us how it originated. She was just a normal woman with a normal job. But one day she wanted to read to children who didn’t have homes, so she went to a shelter for children. She thinks bedtime is a crucial part if children’s growing. They need to get enough sleep and be comfy. It was one of the best parts about her childhood. After she read the children at the shelter a book, they all walked out of the room. Genevieve (the founder) followed them out of the room. The children led her to a small room with a sofa, maybe one bed, and a floor full of blankets. All the children found a spot in the room to sleep. Genevieve wondered were all their pajamas were. They went to sleep in their clothes, so Genevieve left. She asked if she could come back next week and read to them again. The people at the shelter said yes. Next week she brought more books to read to them, and she brought pajamas for all of them. She thought, at least they can be comfy while sleeping. Throughout the weeks, she went to different shelters with pajamas and books. People started dropping off pajamas at her doorstep everyday. Eventually her boss found out and she got fired. Now her full time job was to work on giving children a good bedtime experience. Her company has expanded through the years, and now has given millions of children pj’s.

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