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When we came back from break, we started to built our flashlights! First we had to blue print our designs. We got this sheet tat had boxes on it all across the page. We had to measure the pieces and graph them on the paper. Then we had to make sure the measurements were correct. Then we made our final blueprint. We added all the parts and connected them. Then we added wires and circuits to the final plan. Then we are ready to start building!!!!!

Flash Lights

Today we learned about the boys who got trapped in the cave in Thailand. Since the boys were trapped about a mile underground in sea cave cornered my water, it was pitch black so they couldn’t see anything. Today in class we started to plan designs to make flash lights. We were given all the different designs you can use to make the flash light. I got a really good idea. To connect a big piece with a big piece, you have to use a small piece called a pipe. You can use a big or a small pipe to connect the whichever you want. The things the flash lights needed to have is a hole for the light, it has to be able to fit in a specific sized box around 6 feet on each size. The last thing is it has to be water proof so the boys stuck in the cave could’ve used it and it would have worked. I can’t wait to finish the flash light!!!

The Circuit Game

A few days ago we finished our switches so on Monday we played a game with our finished  circuits. Basically, we connected our switches to a breadboard with some alligator clips and a small LED light. We connected them so when the tinfoil on my circuit hit tinfoil, the alligator clips connected them so when they touched, the small LED light turn on. We got into groups of 4. The first two jobs were to flip piles of cards. As you know a deck of cards has half red cards, and half black cards. The two people split the cards evenly having no idea which colors they get because they shuffled them. The people don’t look at the cards. On the count of three, they both flip the top card. The next person’s job is based on the color of the cards, press each of the switches so the light goes on. The last person’s job is to record any mistakes the person who does the circuits make. Now you know how to play the game, so go play.


For the past few days, my class and I have been making pendants. We have been bending wires into shapes. First we took a long wire and bended it into a circle with a loop to put the string in. Then we had to make a design inside of it using at the most 5 wires. I chose to make a basketball because it is simple, and basketball is my favorite sport. I made little wires into the shape of a basketball. Then I went to go solder my pieces together. First you take the rod and get the wire hot. Then you take the other piece and melt the wires together. I out my pendant on a copper string and cut it so it’s a choker. I can’t wait to wear it more!!!

Pajama Program

A few days ago, the founder of the pajama program came to class and taught us about the program. She told us how it originated. She was just a normal woman with a normal job. But one day she wanted to read to children who didn’t have homes, so she went to a shelter for children. She thinks bedtime is a crucial part if children’s growing. They need to get enough sleep and be comfy. It was one of the best parts about her childhood. After she read the children at the shelter a book, they all walked out of the room. Genevieve (the founder) followed them out of the room. The children led her to a small room with a sofa, maybe one bed, and a floor full of blankets. All the children found a spot in the room to sleep. Genevieve wondered were all their pajamas were. They went to sleep in their clothes, so Genevieve left. She asked if she could come back next week and read to them again. The people at the shelter said yes. Next week she brought more books to read to them, and she brought pajamas for all of them. She thought, at least they can be comfy while sleeping. Throughout the weeks, she went to different shelters with pajamas and books. People started dropping off pajamas at her doorstep everyday. Eventually her boss found out and she got fired. Now her full time job was to work on giving children a good bedtime experience. Her company has expanded through the years, and now has given millions of children pj’s.


Dear Reader,

                 I just started a new quarterly. I’m really excited because everyone loves Mr. Calvert, and loves what we do. We have had three classes, and the first was nothing special. We went over the safety rules. Blah Blah Blah. It was good I guess so we don’t get hurt. But yesterday we did our first activity. We played Breakout!!! It was so much fun. We were separated into two teams and raced to see who could finish first. Were were given three locks we had to unlock. We were given about 4 or 5 clues. The first lock we opened before the the other team so we were ahead of them. Then a few minutes later they opened their lock. The second lock no one could get. Then I looked at a clue and just guessed a word that was on the clue and it opened. We only had one more lock besides the bonus one. The other team got the look shortly after us so whoever unlocked the third lock first, won. We were about to open the lock, but then the other team, opened theirs and yelled “we win!” My team was about to open the lock, so I was kind off sad. Anyway, both the teams tried to open the bonus lock but no one could do it. Then a boy from the other team guessed something, and it was correct. Luckily the bonus didn’t Giuseppe a team any extra points. While we were opening the locks, Mr. Calvert was timing us to make sure wee did it in 20 minutes. I think we got around 15 minutes, so technically, we’re all winners!


Fourth Grade, Class of 2018

Dear Reader,                                                                                                                                                                                        Fourth grade is a grade with very fun field trips, challenges, projects and happy experiences.  Fourth grade is the best grade if you get Mrs.Assatly. You will love it.

Some field trips that you go on are to Philharmonics, Wayside Cottage, Marble Schoolhouse, St. Paul’s Church and Scarsdale Pool kayaking. My favorite field trip is when we go to St. Paul’s Church because we get to learn a lot of history about the church. We get to visit a graveyard there, we get to learn a bout the hospital there and we get to visit a museum there. It is very interesting. All the field trips we’ve been on, are off the charts amazing and they have been the best field trips, I have ever been on.

Some challenges are when we do our american revolution books, some of our math tests and some of our wordly wise tests. The most challenging challenge in fourth grade for me was when we were doing our american revolution books because towards the end when we didn’t have a lot of time to work on our books, I got really stressed.

Some projects that you do are science land and water projects, revolutionary war projects, colonial times projects and even some art projects. In my opinion, my favorite project is the revolutionary war project because you get to study the revolutionary war and then make a book about the revolutionary war. You include drawings, writing pieces and all book elements such as the table of contents and the verso. The projects that we did this year, were the best projects I’ve ever done in school.

Some happy experiences are when we go kayaking in the Scarsdale Pool, when we had our writing celebration and when we got to have ice pops. My happiest experience was our writing celebration because we got to eat delicious food and we got to present our books to the parents of 4a and because we got comments on our book which was fun to get. There are a lot of happy experiences in fourth grade that are the best ever!!!!!!!

As you know, Fourth Grade is a grade with very fun field trips, challenges, projects and happy experiences. Fourth Grade is amazing in every way and I don’t think anything could’ve made it better. I think you will love it and you will cherish Mrs.Assatly like I did.

Current Event

Title: As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Wed, a New Era Dawns

Source: New York Times

News Type: World

Author: Ellen Barry


Today on May 19, 2018 Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were wed. This was a spectacular day because a “New Era,” was born. This was a “New Era,” because never before had someone in the royal family married an American, and Prince Harry married Meghan Markle who is half African American.

Lots of black people came from Texas and Arizona to witness this wedding. A black school teacher from Washington named Mesha Griffin said, “She is owning her heritage. She is going to impact history in a way we saw with Princess Diana, not in a disrespectful way. She will respectfully change the world.”

During the wedding, lots of famous people were there such as Oprah Winfrey and Serena Williams. This wedding was an important event for people widespread.

Harry arrived at the chapel on foot walking with his brother Prince William. Harry was wearing a traditional “doeskin frock coat of the Blues and Royals.” Harry walked to his place near the priest and awaited his bride. Meghan Markle arrived from a Rolls-Royce Phantom 4 with 2 pageboys. Meghan Markle wore a, “flowing train 16 feet long veil which her flower girls held up. She wore a stunning pure white, wide-necked and minimal, leaving her collarbones bare.”  They were both embraced kindly and they will probably be the bid news for a long time because they are an amazing couple and they will be remembered as the first couple to be African American and British.

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Current Event

Title: Luxury Space Hotel Promises A Truly Out-Of-This World Vacation.

Source: Dogonews

Article Date: April 14 2018

News Type: World

Have you been searching for a “truly out-of-this world vacation.” Well if you have, you should check out Orian Span’s new “Aurora Station, the world’s first luxury hotel in space.” This luxurious hotel will most likely be launching in 2021. It will begin taking passengers/visitors by 2022.


This “space hotel,” is a pill-shape and will begin being constructed in 2019. The “space hotel,” will be “43.5 feet long and 14.1 feet wide.” It,” can hold four guests and two crew members/former astronauts in two private rooms. Even though, it seems like their is nothing to do except to look outside into space, the tourists could play cards, see the glorious views of the sunrises and sunsets, see the “breathtaking” northern and southern auroras (that the hotel was named by), eat non astronaut food and drinks, see some experiments the astronauts might have made and go to the Wi-Fi cabin where you can connect with your family and friends down on Earth. At the end of this luxurious and long vacation, the passengers on this “space hotel,” will will “be treated to a heroes welcome.”Just like the one where real astronauts return from an important space mission.


 Before you go on this amazing and luxurious trip, the guests that are going to go on this trip, will have to go to a space academy for 3 months to prepare themselves for space travel with no gravity. At this space academy, they will be taught how to move with no gravity, the basics of spaceflight and the use of orbital mechanics. But there is a part of this academy that will be issued to complete online or on an app. The second part will involve learning about all the things I listed above. Also for the second part, the guests have to go to “Orian Span’s state-of-the-art facility in Houston, Texas.” The final step (getting their certificates), will be done in space.


Don’t start packing your bags just yet. First you might want to take a look at the price of the trip. The 12-day round trip is $9.5 million- $791,667 per night-for each guest!!! While the amount is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to high for most people, you should hear how much it costed for a few private citizens to stay on the “International Space Station (ISS).” It was “$20 million to $40 million.” It’s no surprise people are coming in from everywhere to book themself a reservation on the Aurora Station. “Orian Span says the hotel was fully booked for the first four months within five days after they began accepting booking, and the requests kept coming.” That’s quick for such an expensive hotel booking!


Those seeking more time to feel and prosurve their inner astronaut will be happy to hear that the Aurora Station is getting built in “celestial condos,”  so they can channel their in astronaut at whatever time.


Even though you may have thought this was the only “space hotel,” it isn’t, in early March, Las Vegas announced plans to launch their own “space habitats,” that are connected to create space for housing six people at a time. Another space company called NanoRacks also has similiar dreams to make a “space hotel.” They are going to use old rockets hovering around in space into, “luxury hotels rooms, orbiting labs, and storage containers.” I would love to go on any of these luxurious and spacey tripes. But I know I wouldn’t be going on any of these trips because they cost to much money for an ordinary family like mine.

Personal Response, I chose this article because I thought it was interesting how a hotel was being made in space. Before I read the article, I wondered if the hotel would be booked quickly and how long the trip would take. When I read the article, I got my answers. And even now I’m surprised about the answers I got.   

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My Dad is Amazing

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Is your dad amazing? Well mine definitely is. My dad is amazing in lots of different ways. One way is that he benefits me a lot. Some ways he benefits me are by giving me his good genes, keeping me safe and most importantly providing me with everything I need.

The first reason that my dad benefits me is he gave me his good genes. Some of the good genes he gave me are kindness, responsibility and organization. I know I’m organized because my room is almost always cleaned and my desk is organized perfectly. My pencils are lined up in the middle draw, dull pencils and putty are lined up in the right draw and headphones + pens are in the left draw. On the desk is all my homework and stuff. I know that I am kind because I always help a friend (or person) in need. Finally I know I’m responsible because I am polite. I say thank you, please and look people in the eye when I’m talking to them. Also I don’t blame people for doing something. I am glad my dad gave me his good genes because if he didn’t I wouldn’t have a good life.


The second reason that my dad benefits me is he keeps me safe. He keeps me safe on the streets, in the car and in our house. He keeps me safe on the streets by holding my hand and always keeping his eye on me. He keeps me safe in the car by not drinking or texting while he’s driving me to school or an activity that I have. He keeps me safe in our house by having locks on doors+windows and having an alarm system that works. I am glad I am kept safe 24/7 because if I wasn’t, I probably would have a shorter life.


Although my dad benefits me by giving me his good genes and keeping me safe, He benefits me the most by providing me with everything I need. Some things he provides me with are things that I need to live. Some of those things are food, money and shelter. He also provides me with an opportunity to have a great life. What I mean by that is he makes me go to school so I could have a proper education, he makes me do things that I don’t want to do but he knows is right and he supports me no matter what. My dad also provides me with emotional support.  For example, one time I was playing basketball and I shot on the other teams hoop by accident. “No! I screamed as the ball rolled into the net. “Really,” my teammate said as she gave me a little shove. “I didn’t mean to,” I said, but she ignored me like almost everyone did for the rest of the game. What I mean by ignoring me is that they didn’t give me the ball when I was wide open. At the end of the game, my dad came up to me and hugged me. Somehow the hug made me feel better. Then my dad said to me “Everyone makes mistakes. That just proves you were working hard.” “Thanks dad,”I said. “For what?” My dad replied. “For being the best dad you could be!” I said. That was a time my dad helped me overcome my emotions. I hope my dad keeps on providing me with everything I need because so far my life has been amazing in plenty of ways.

Other people should care about this because your dad most likely works hard to benefit you. I’m pretty sure he benefits you by giving you his good genes, by keeping you safe and by providing you with everything you need and a lot more.            

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