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H&M is the Best!

Have you ever been to H&M to get clothes? I have and it’s awesome because the clothes there are just what I want. There is literally every type of clothes that you have ever heard of there. H&M has clothes for women, men, girls and boys. Lots of other stores that you could get clothes from only have clothes for grownups. And kids( like me) don’t really think it’s fun shopping for  grownups clothes. H&M has lots of spring clothes, summer clothes, winter clothes and fall clothes. For example , one time it was winter time and my mom and me were shopping at H&M. We were looking for some winter clothes for me. Everywhere I looked there was something that I loved and was season appropriate. Another example is, it was summer time and my mom and me were going shopping for some dresses and shorts for me. We were also searching for shorts for my mom. Fifteen minutes later me and my mom were so happy. We had everything we needed for summer. Now maybe you’ll go to H&M.

You Should Read…

Hello readers! Do you need a book to read? Well I have a very good one that I’m going to recommend to you. It’s called Because of Wind DixieFirst of all it’s a very good child story. It’s about a girl whose parents got divorced when she was younger and she just moved to Naomi Florida with her dad who is a preacher. She gets a dog and mostly all the stuff she does is with Winn Dixie which is what she named her dog. She does lots of fun activities also. The book is very funny.  Her name is India Opal Buloni. There are a lot of things that are sad, but she has lots of problems. In the story she makes all kinds of different friends. If you liked this review of Because of Winn Dixie you will definitely love the book.

If you look below I had some of my classmates rate the book.

The highest you can rate the book is five stars and the lowest you can rate the book is zero stars.

Amanda **** and a half Ellie **** and a half Brandon *** Nico *** Rebecca *** Meera/Me ***** Jake **** Sarah ***** Heather ***** Sabrina ***** Ravi zero stars Serena **** Ariana **** Gabriel ***** Nathalie **** Hana ***** Kei *** Tavish **** Shea **


Do you think we should or shouldn’t have homework?

Do you think we should or shouldn’t have homework? You may think I’m asking you if you like homework or if you don’t like homework, but I’m not. I’m asking you if you think we should or shouldn’t have homework. I think we should have homework because homework is making us practice our school work and if we don’t practice our school work, we won’t be able to remember anything that we were taught in school. Another reason is it doesn’t do any harm to have homework. Now maybe if you thought we shouldn’t have before you might have changed your opinion.

If you want to see who people in class voted for, it’s down below.


Ariana: shouldn’t Brandon: shouldn’t Ellie: should Gabriel: shouldn’t Hana: shouldn’t Heather: shouldn’t Jake: shouldn’t Kei: shouldn’t Meera/Me: should Rio: shouldn’t Nathalie: should Nico: shouldn’t Ravi: shouldn’t Rebecca: should Sabrina: shouldn’t Sarah: should Serena: shouldn’t Shea: shouldn’t Tavish: should

Shouldn’t won, boo.

I Should Be Allowed To Go To Sleepaway Camp


During the summer, I have noticed that lots of my friends go to sleepaway camp and I have to be stuck at home. I feel left out. I always wonder what they are doing. I can imagine them swimming and playing so happily. I’ve always wanted to go to sleepaway camp. I should be allowed to go to sleepaway camp.

Don’t you want me to make new friends? I’m stuck in Scarsdale every day playing with my old friends. At sleepaway camp I would be able to make friends from different places in the world. When Serena went to Camp Matoaka, she made friends from Japan, Canada and Australia. Most importantly I want to make friends from those places. Serena also said she learned a lot of new things when she was with her friends. One thing I learned from Serena  is that there are lots of snakes and spiders in Australia and that Canada is turning 150 this year! Serena knew that because her friends told her. Another thing I could learn about is new ideas and things. Serena said she learned how to rock climb, water ski and do a cartwheel. I also want to learn how to do those things.

When I go to sleepaway camp, I could learn how to do fun new activities.One thing I really want to learn how to do is water ski. I could learn how to play a lot of new sports like dodgeball, gaga and learn how to swim and do art better. I could learn how to get better at the stuff I’m bad at. I know I’m gonna get better at all the activities.

I’d expect you to want me to be more responsible and this is your chance. If you send me to sleepaway camp, I’d have to do a lot of chores. I’d have to do things without you reminding me. For an example I’d have to take a shower, hang up my towel, get up early and pick out my own clothes. The best part about that for you is that when I come back from sleepaway camp I’d probably be doing the stuff that I was doing at sleepaway camp. For an example, every morning I’d probably get up early, take a ower, make my bed and hang up my towel. Now that you know all my reasons, maybe you’ll consider letting me go to sleepaway camp.

You may think that I’ll miss you, but I won’t because I’ll be having too much fun to notice. You also may think that I’m too young to go to sleepaway camp, but I’m not because I’ve shown you that I can handle it.

Clearly going to sleepaway camp is important to me. First I obviously will make new friends. Second I would do more amazing and awesome activities.  I’d definitely become more responsible. Now that I have stated all my reasons, I bet you’ll send me to sleepaway camp.


Have You Ever Been To Frankie & Fanuccis?

If you’re looking for a restaurant that you can take your family to, Frankie & Fanuccis is the place to go. It has a fair price and it’s not to high or low. It’s a bit loud, but there is this new machine that you can get a card and you can taste all different kinds of wines by swiping the card that you got on the side of the machine. It is really clean there and if you like Italian food that’s the food that there is. Service is great and you don’t have to wait too long to  get your food. The food there is great, amazing and magnificent. If you are planning to go there, you are extra smart.Here is the link to the menu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All About Me!!!!!

Hello guys. My name is Meera and I’m in third grade. In my spare time I love to read. My favorite book series is Harry Potter! My teacher’s name is Mrs. Boyum and she’s the best. My favorite activity to do at school is write and read. Haagen Daz  is my favorite ice cream place. I really want a puppy. Zebras are my favorite animal. The most fun vacation I’ve been on is probably the trip when we went to Venice, Italy. My favorite foods is steak and salmon.I love brownie sundaes. I have a twin brother named Max. I love to play sports and my favorite sport is soccer. My favorite professional women’s soccer team is USA. My favorite men’s soccer team is Argentina. I hope you enjoyed my blog!

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