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What Happened On Christmas Day For Me.

Do you celebrate a holiday. Well I do. I celebrate Christmas and I’m happy that I do because on Christmas day I get to open tons of presents. I think Christmas is my favorite holiday. I get to spend time with my family, open presents, eat scrumptious food and best of all, I get to play a lot!

Every other year, I celebrate Christmas with my dad’s family and the other years, I celebrate Christmas with my mom’s family. I have cousins on both sides so I always have someone to play with besides my brother. Whenever I’m with my dad’s family, on Christmas all of the kids have to wait for everyone to get up before we can go downstairs and unwrap presents. Whenever I’m with my mom’s family, we always eat indian food. One thing that we do every Christmas is take tons of pictures on Christmas morning. I really don’t like when that happens because it’s sooo boring.

On Christmas I get sooooooooooo many presents. It’s always so fun unwrapping presents. I think it’s also very nerve wracking because you never know if your going to like what’s under the wrapping paper.

This Christmas was my favorite so far because I got almost everything I wanted. What I got was books, shoes, a diary, cupcake painting set, 2 thinking putty containers, a nerf gun, a scrapbook, clothes, a make your own water bottle, curling iron, nail polish set, perfume, bath bombs, a fitbit, coloring set, an instant camera, a big pink travel bag and a chromebook. My favorite things that I got were a diary, shoes, an instant camera, a chromebook and the pink travel bag.

Everyday (since Christmas) I have written a lot of entries in my diary. My diary is old fashioned and i like it that way. Whenever write an entry, I always think about Cleopatra’s writing and her diary. I have no idea why. I guess it fills me with hope that someday people will read my diary and print it into a book like Cleopatra’s diary.

The shoes that I got, I love. They are black lace boots/sneakers with soft white fur lining the top of the boot. Everyday since Christmas, I have worn these fantastic shoes. They are comfy, good looking and waterproof. I have a feeling that I’m going to be wearing those shoes for a lot of days in the winter and maybe spring.

Right before Christmas day, I was looking at a regular small camera and thinking to myself “How nice would it be to have a camera that prints pictures right when they are taken.”And then for Christmas I got one thing that wasn’t on my Christmas list, but I wanted and that thing was an instant camera. So far I have only taken one photo because my mom said not to waste the polaroids.(photo sheets) The picture was of me on Christmas day in front of a fake birch tree with lights hanging on the tree.

When I got my chromebook, I was the happiest human being in the whole universe. I didn’t think I would get a chromebook from my parents because I asked santa and he didn’t get me one, so why would anyone else. But I was completely wrong because as you know, I did get one. When I got my chromebook, it was supposed to be for Max and me to share, but when my mom was getting our chromebook to start, the chromebook asked for one google account and when you got logged onto it, it would only show that persons stuff and files. My mom figured that that wouldn’t work for Max and me so she bought Max the same type of chromebook the next day. I love my chromebook so much and I’m so glad that I have one.

It has been one week since Christmas and I have already used my pink travel bag. Can you guess what I have used it for. Well if you guessed travel, then you are completely correct. I used my pink travel bag to store my stuffed animals in and I brought the pink bag to Catamount, Massachusetts because my family was going skiing there for a day and then staying for one night at a hotel. The pink bag was really useful and will be even more useful in the future.

My FAVORITE things that I got for Christmas:

This is my Diary.

Picture from:

If you press the link below, you will see one of my boots.$plplarge$

This is my instant camera.

Picture from:

My curling iron.

Some bathroom accessories.

Picture From:

My Chromebook.

Picture From:

I can’t find a picture of my pink travel bag because my mom got it for me at a shop, not on a website, but I know that my mom got the bag at Marshalls.


You Should Read…

You should read the book called Pie! It’s an amazing book and it is appropriate for children. My teacher (Ms. Assatly) read this book aloud to my class and we loved it. This book includes a mystery, idioms, flashbacks, and real pie recipes! I think the best pies that have a recipe that are listed in the book are, buttermilk pie and coconut cream pie. This book is about a young girl named Alice whose aunt ( the Ipswich pie queen) passed away. Polly’s( Alice’s aunt) will says that she gives the pie crust recipe to Lardo. I wonder what will happen. You probably really want to read this book now so go ahead. You can get this book on amazon, Barnes and Noble and many more shops or websites.

Picture from


My Ocean Food Web

Do you know what an ecosystem is? Well if you don’t it is a place where living and nonliving things interact. For an example in the dessert the animals that interact there are snakes, woodpeckers, insects, owls, rabbits, squirrels, cacti, fox, lizard, Joshua trees, the sun and bacteria. Everything is an ecosystem because everything has nonliving and living things interacting. If there were no ecosystems in the world, there would be dead things everywhere like dead bodies, dead animals, dead plants and so much more. This is why ecosystems are supper important.

In my ocean food web, I used creatures that live in the oceans and put arrows directing to what they eat. For an example I drew an arrow from seaweed to crab because crabs eat seaweed and crabs live in seaweed. This is called a web because animals can connect to multiple different animals. I included Blue Whales, Killer Whale, Leopard Seal, Fish, Seagull, Krill, Penguin, Elephant Seal, Seaweed, Crab, Squid, Zooplankton and Phytoplankton. All of these animals interact with each other in the ocean habitat. 


My Indian Heritage

Guess what! My great grandfather was a member of the Indian Parliament (senator).His name was T.N. Viswanatha Reddy and he was a great politician. He was born on July 1, 1919. The people in India who supported him were from Chittoor and Rajampet in South India. He was part of the first Parliament (congress) after India got independence from the British. He belonged to the Indian National Congress Party who fought for India’s independence. He was under the first prime minister of India, Nehru. My great grandfather died on June 31, 1989 at the age 70.

He had three children who were named Ramachandra Reddy, Saila Reddy and Shobha Reddy ( my grandmother). His grandchildren are Deepa Reddy, Vishnu Reddy, Pavan Reddy, Arjun Reddy, Pallavi Reddy  and Shilpa Reddy ( my mother). And finally his great grandchildren are Aditi Reddy, Nithya Reddy, Nikhil Reddy, Kushal Reddy, Varun Reddy,Saharsh Reddy, Keya Premraj, Nidhi Reddy, Meera Spencer (me), Max Spencer (my brother), Dhruv Reddy, and Leela Reddy.

And there is something else really cool about my Indian heritage. My great great uncle

was once the President of India between the years of 1977 to 1982. He was the 6th President of India and his name was Neelam Sanjiva Reddy. Something really cool is that my mom visited him at the presidential palace in New Delhi while he was the President and she was eleven years old. He was a part of the Janata Party and he died on June 1 1996 at the age 83.

My great great uncle.

Picture from:

I couldn’t find my great grandfather so I did his son.

Picture from:    

The Cheesecake Factory

Have you ever been to The Cheesecake Factory? Well if you haven’t, you should really go. I just recently went and I loved it so much. The waiters there are really nice and the food comes really quickly. A really good thing about The Cheesecake Factory is that they have children desserts and they have american (and super good) food. The menu there is so good.When I went to The Cheesecake Factory I got french fries, macaroni and cheese and a dulce de leche cheesecake. All the food there was amazing. The currency there is really expensive. It’s usually around $40 for two people. I would rate this place 4 stars because I think it is a little loud there and because of the currency. You can make a reservation by calling them. There contact info is at the bottom. The food there was insanely good. The fries were salty and crunchy. The macaroni and cheese was hot and very scrumptious. And the cheesecake was the best dessert I have ever tasted. It was so delicious. It tasted like creamy dulce de leche cheese and the crust on it was not to crunchy and not too soft. Another thing about the Cheesecake Factory is that you can make reservations. If I could go to The Cheesecake Factory everyday, I definitely would. I hope you go to The Cheesecake Factory because it is the best place EVER!

Here is some info you might want to know.


Tuesday 11:30AM–11PM
Wednesday 11:30AM–11PM
Thursday 11:30AM–11PM
Friday 11:30AM–12:30AM
Saturday 10AM–12:30AM
Sunday 10AM–11PM
Monday 11:30AM–11PM

Contact Info:


Phone: (914) 683-5253

This is where the picture is from:


The Important Thing About Captain John Smith

The Important Thing About Captain John Smith By: Meera Spencer

The important thing about Captain John Smith is that he helped communicate and make peace with the natives for the second English colony sent to Virginia. This colony was the first to survive all the hard winters, the food shortages and natives. In Jamestown(the town they built) at one point of their lives the people/hunters couldn’t hunt because the natives would pick them off one by one so they couldn’t get food and some people starved to death. Also that was bad because sickness soon came upon the people and more than 100 people died from it. Also if Captain John Smith never came to Jamestown, the natives would have killed everyone and no one would have survived.Everyone would have probably ended up like the Roanoke Colony. When Captain John Smith was in Jamestown he worked really hard to make houses and to hunt. This hard work was paid off in 1608 when Smith became the third president of Jamestown. Even though Smith only ruled for about a year, he was known to be the best president of Jamestown. But the important thing about Captain John Smith, is that he helped communicate and make peace with the natives for the second English colony sent to Virginia.

Image Credit:


Doak, Robins S.  John Smith and the Settlement of Jamestown.2003.

Barbour Philip L.”Smith, John.” U.S. and World Biography Online. Lincoln Library Press, 2017. FactCite,

The Three Worlds of Captain John Smith (1964); Alden T. Vaughan, American Genesis: Captain John Smith and the Founding of Virginia(1975).

“Smith, John.” World Book Kids, World Book, 2017, . Accessed 16 Nov. 2017.


I’m Back!

You’re probably tired of waiting to read my fantastic posts. But good news, you don’t have to wait because I’m back! There are so many new things in my life that I want to share with you.

Sports are a big part of my life.  I will probably post stories about memorable sports moments.  For example, I love basketball and this past summer when I was playing basketball and I had just stolen the basketball. I dribbled down the court and shot the ball. IT WENT IN!!! That was very exciting for me. Another time when I was playing soccer and I dribbled down the field and shot, but it hit the crossbar. That was unlucky, but it was fun hearing my coach say, “Good job!” and congratulating me for trying. Write me back telling me about your favorite and most memorable sports moments.

I have grown to like desserts a lot more than I used to. For example, once during the summer I went to a place called Haagen-Dazs and I tried a new milkshake there. It was flavored dulce de leche. That was the first time I ever had a  milkshake that wasn’t flavored vanilla and I loved it so much. Now whenever I go to Haagen-Dazs I get the ice cream flavor dulce de leche. I also love ice cream with a brownie on the side it’s amazing and I think you should really try those things. Keep an eye out for my recommendations and feel free to post yours.


I will be blogging about all these fantastic topics and I guarantee, by the end of this year, you will have learned so much about me that your head will burst. Feel free to comment and share what you think about all the topics I will post about.

H&M is the Best!

Have you ever been to H&M to get clothes? I have and it’s awesome because the clothes there are just what I want. There is literally every type of clothes that you have ever heard of there. H&M has clothes for women, men, girls and boys. Lots of other stores that you could get clothes from only have clothes for grownups. And kids( like me) don’t really think it’s fun shopping for  grownups clothes. H&M has lots of spring clothes, summer clothes, winter clothes and fall clothes. For example , one time it was winter time and my mom and me were shopping at H&M. We were looking for some winter clothes for me. Everywhere I looked there was something that I loved and was season appropriate. Another example is, it was summer time and my mom and me were going shopping for some dresses and shorts for me. We were also searching for shorts for my mom. Fifteen minutes later me and my mom were so happy. We had everything we needed for summer. Now maybe you’ll go to H&M.

You Should Read…

Hello readers! Do you need a book to read? Well I have a very good one that I’m going to recommend to you. It’s called Because of Wind DixieFirst of all it’s a very good child story. It’s about a girl whose parents got divorced when she was younger and she just moved to Naomi Florida with her dad who is a preacher. She gets a dog and mostly all the stuff she does is with Winn Dixie which is what she named her dog. She does lots of fun activities also. The book is very funny.  Her name is India Opal Buloni. There are a lot of things that are sad, but she has lots of problems. In the story she makes all kinds of different friends. If you liked this review of Because of Winn Dixie you will definitely love the book.

If you look below I had some of my classmates rate the book.

The highest you can rate the book is five stars and the lowest you can rate the book is zero stars.

Amanda **** and a half

Ellie **** and a half

Brandon ***

Nico ***

Rebecca ***

Meera/Me *****

Jake ****

Sarah *****

Heather *****

Sabrina *****

Ravi zero stars

Serena ****

Ariana ****

Gabriel *****

Nathalie ****

Hana *****

Kei ***

Tavish ****

Shea **


Do you think we should or shouldn’t have homework?

Do you think we should or shouldn’t have homework? You may think I’m asking you if you like homework or if you don’t like homework, but I’m not. I’m asking you if you think we should or shouldn’t have homework. I think we should have homework because homework is making us practice our school work and if we don’t practice our school work, we won’t be able to remember anything that we were taught in school. Another reason is it doesn’t do any harm to have homework. Now maybe if you thought we shouldn’t have before you might have changed your opinion.

If you want to see who people in class voted for, it’s down below.


Amanda: should

Ariana: shouldn’t

Brandon: shouldn’t

Ellie: should

Gabriel: shouldn’t

Hana: shouldn’t

Heather: shouldn’t

Jake: shouldn’t

Kei: shouldn’t

Meera/Me: should

Rio: shouldn’t

Nathalie: should

Nico: shouldn’t

Ravi: shouldn’t

Rebecca: should

Sabrina: shouldn’t

Sarah: should

Serena: shouldn’t

Shea: shouldn’t

Tavish: should

Shouldn’t won, boo.

1 2