Go to Banzai!


4 1/2 stars!`

Banzai is a great restaurant. I would give it 41/2 out of 5 stars. The food is great, and I love going with my friends. I definitely love the chicken and noodles. In my opinion, I like the beef and broccoli in second. The shrimp is also pretty good.

Inside, it’s sort of dark, but that’s actually good so you can see the fire in front of you really well. I think it doesn’t smell bad inside because you can smell the really good rice, noodles, chicken, and much more. Banzai is not actually a restaurant where you sit around for an hour. Banzai is a restaurant where you can actually watch your food being made in front of you. If you like sushi, you can also eat that in Banzai.

In Banzai the waiters are really nice, and they do little tricks with knives and stack onion rings and then put the onion rings on fire. It looks like a volcano erupting in fire. The waiters also flip food onto the big oven. The rice is also sometimes mixed with egg, and I like that. The chef is actually a personal chef. Banzai is definitely my favorite restaurant.

Their opening times are Monday to Friday, 4pm 11pm,  and Saturday to Sunday 12am to 11pm. So, go to Banzai!


Introducing Miles

Hey, blogging community! My name is Miles, and I love everything that has to do with computers in school. I have a little brother that just turned eight.  Sometimes he can be very annoying. Me, my brother, my Mom, and my Dad all speak Dutch. I also like playing basketball, reading, video games, playing with friends and especially playing soccer.

You really don’t want to know how annoying brothers can be. And seriously, when my friends come over and my brother wants to go on the computer, or when my friends invite me to the movies, my brother can start crying, fighting, or simply going crazy.

I’m on the B team for soccer, but maybe I’ll move to  the A team next year. My favorite soccer game/tournament was in White Plains. The most fun part was we won first place, but for some reason it was also more fun playing in the rain.

Almost every Friday I go to my friend’s house, or they come to mine. With our time together we mostly play video games, or play outside. Sometimes (about once every 2 weeks) we have sleepovers.

My top 5 video games are Roblox, Pokken Tournament, Mario Galaxy 2, Minecraft, and Call Of Duty. My favorite video game consoles are Wii U, PS4, 3ds, Computer, and Xbox 1.

I read a lot of books. I read 500 page book in about a week(mostly). Mostly I like to read fantasy, but I’m OK with realistic fiction. I also read in Dutch, my original language. Once I was even reading 5 books at once. That’s one reason I sometimes take a long time. I switch.

If you ever have a question, then you can ask it in a comment. Have fun blogging and reading blogs!
🙂   😛