Super Smash Bros

I just got got this really cool game on my Wii U called Super Smash Bros. If you like Nintendo games, then you’ll like this. Maybe you have heard about it already because it’s really popular.

It’s basically a game with a Nintendo character from every game. There’s Link from The Legends of Zelda, there’s some of the Mario character’s like Bowser, Donkey Kong, and Luigi. You can also use Sonic, and even some Pokemon! There’s Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Lucario, Greninja, and my favorite pokemon to use is Charizard. All characters can change color, but you can also use the original colors.

For the Wii U, every character jumps with X, or Y, and they do a long-range attack with B, and a short-range attack with A. You can get Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo Wii U, and the Nintendo 3ds.

In Super Smash Bros you can also make your own arenas to fight in. You can choose it to be large, medium, or small. You can add lava and springs that make you jump higher if you step on them.

In Super Smash Bros you can play a game mode called normal Smash, which is a 4 or less player game. You can also do Special Smash, where you can choose how fast you run, how high you jump, and you can even put bunny ears or flowers on the character’s heads. You can also make the characters look like shiny silver guys. The last game mode is my personal favorite. It’s called 8-Player Smash. In 8-Player Smash you can play with up to 8 players or less, counting CPU’s. If you want a really cool fight with everyone really close together, then use 8 players and use a small place to battle.

Super Smash Bros is one of my favorite games on my Wii U, and I love playing it with friends and my brother.



4 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros”

  1. Hi Miles I really enjoyed your post. I currently have the oldest Smash Bros. But I still enjoy It. I did not know there was paint mode! Or 6 player mode! Even though you told us about 8-player
    smash! AB

  2. Hey Miles,
    I like how you put a picture and a video. I also like how in paragraph three you said what buttons you have to press if you want your person to do a certain thing.

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