The Red Pyramid

Book review about “The Red Pyramid”

“The Red Pyramid” is a book by Rick Riordan, and its genre is fantasy. It is about two Egyptian kids called Carter and Sadie Kane. Carter travels the world with their dad and Sadie lives with their grandma and grandpa. Every year Carter comes to see his sister in London with his dad. One night the dad wanted to go to a museum to see some Egyptian artifact called the Rosetta Stone. It turns out that he wants to release some Egyptian gods, but it goes wrong and one Egyptian god called Set, the god of evil, traps their father. It then turns out they are magicians. Their uncle Amos then brings them to a mansion not visible to regular humans. They start training, but their mansion gets attacked. Sadie’s cat Muffin turns out to be the Egyptian cat goddess Bast. They get attacked by the god Set’s minions, and later in the book they stop him from destroying the gods. Rick Riordan is my favorite author and now there are 3 books, and “The Red Pyramid” is only the first in the series. The series is called the “Kane Chronicles” because Sadie and Carter’s last name is Kane. The second book is called “The Throne Of Fire” and the third is called “The Serpent’s Shadow”.

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My favorite character in “The Red Pyramid” is Carter because he’s really smart  and knows a lot about the Egyptian gods because of traveling to Egypt with his dad so much and hearing a lot of stories that his dad told him. I think that the book was sort-of funny and also creatively made. This book is one of my favorite books.  


 This the second book in the series, and it’s called “The Throne of Fire”


This is the third, and last book in the series, and it’s called “The Serpent’s Shadow”

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