Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

I once made a post about my top favorite Legendary Pokemon, but now I am going to make a post about my top 10 favorite Pokemon in general. With that I mean Standard Pokemon, Mythical Pokemon, and Legendary Pokemon. I’m also going to write the types. These are my top 10 favorite Pokemon, even though they are not all in this exact order that I like them in:


1. Standard Pokemon = Mega Lucario – Fighting and Steel type

2. Standard Pokemon = Snorlax – normal type

3. Legendary Pokemon = Latios – psychic and dragon type

4. Mythical Pokemon = Victini – psychic and fire type

5. Standard Pokemon = Mega Scizor – bug and steel type

6. Standard Pokemon = Salamence – flying and dragon type

7. Standard Pokemon = Dragonite – dragon and flying type

8. Standard Pokemon = Blastoise – water type

9. Standard Pokemon = Mega Charizard – fire and flying type

10. Standard Pokemon = Gengar – ghost and poison type


These were a few of my favorite Pokemon, even though I also like shiny Greninja = Image result for shiny greninja,  and  Rayquaza = Image result for rayquaza, which are really cool too. If you like Pokemon, then you could maybe reply in a comment.

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