Top 10 Favorite Superheroes

Image result for iron man  1. Iron Man- I really like his suit and his humor.

Image result for the flash 2. The Flash- His powers are really cool and I watch the series.

Image result for captain america3. Captain America- I like the way he looks, and I am born in America

Image result for Deadpool4. Deadpool- He is very humorous.

Image result for spiderman5. Spiderman- Everyone should like him. Seriously, he always does back flips.

Image result for thor6. Thor- What’s not to like about an immortal thunder god?

Image result for batman7. Batman- He is just so awesome.

Image result for superman8. Superman- I know he fights Batman in Batman vs. Superman, but I mean, he has laser vision, super strength, and he can even fly.

Image result for doctor strange9. Doctor Strange- He learns how to get awesome weapons out of thin air. #amazing

Image result for groot10. Groot- What’s not to like about a cute super hero tree

The Octopus

Octopuses are amazing animals, because they can shape-shift, spray ink, and change color. This makes them amazing at disguise and hiding. The Coconut Octopus likes to hide in under and behind a lot. They has 3 hearts and and blue blood. Octopuses are invertebrates. They don’t have any bones. Having no bones makes it easy to go through tiny cracks. Octopus’s tentacles are attached directly to their heads. They can look like Sea Snakes, Mantis Shrimp, and even Soles. Octopuses are really cool.



Breakout EDU Review

Image result for Breakout EDU


Last Friday we did this thing called Breakout EDU. In Breakout EDU, you have to find clues and with those clues, you have to open a case with Hershey Kisses in it.

I thought one of the hardest puzzles in Breakout EDU was finding the pictures of mice with invisible codes. The mice were behind things, under things, and on things. The fact that they were often low made it hard  to find them.

Our whole class was doing it together in the room across from our classroom. I have to admit myself, I think that no one worked together. I got a headache because of all the people shouting through the room. But it was still kind of fun to figure things out.