I play this really awesome game called Roblox, which is made up of over at least a billion games to play. Maybe even 2 – 5 billion games. Everyone can make their own game, and you can see games by Popular, Top Earning, Recommended, Top Rated, Friend Activity, Recently Played, and Featured.

On Roblox you can also request friends in games, and see whenever they are playing and whatever they are playing. You can also join their game when they are playing. It’s even possible to have a chat group with up to for people! When you click on one of your friends, you see what stuff they are wearing, who their friends are, who they are following, who is following them, the group they are in, their favorite games, their Roblox badges, player badges, and their creations.

In Roblox there are sometimes events. Events are things were you can get new things for your avatar and you can get player badges if you get something special in a game. My favorite event so far was Heroes of Robloxia, where you can choose a hero to use. Well, anyway, events I think are really cool, and fun.

I yhink it’s really fun to customize your avatar in Roblox. You can go to the catalog and some stuff is free, but others cost Robux. Robux is sort-of Roblox money that you buy with real money. With Robux you can buy new clothes on the catalog, and you can use it in games. You can also change your skin tone to pretty much every color you can imagine. Currently my avarar is a Nike hoodie, ripped skater pants, katanas on my back, and blue shoes. I used some Robux on the katanas and hoodie, but it was definitely worth it.

You can download Roblox on phone, ipad, computers and laptops, and even on the Xbox 1.

This was pretty much all the important things about Roblox, even though I didn’t mention that famous creators have their own blogs on Roblox. If you liked my post, then please leave a comment below.


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  1. I really like your blog Miles. Roblox rules! My favorite game in Roblox is ether Pokemon Brick Bronze or Jailbreak.

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