Top 5 Favorite Roblox Games

I already once made a post about Roblox, my favorite game.  This post will be about my top 5 favorite games in Roblox. Most of them were probably on the Popular list once. Here we go:

Image result for jailbreak roblox 1. Jailbreak: Jailbreak is a prison game, where you can escape the prison, arrest prisoners, and rob the bank. There are cars, motorcycles, and even helicopters. This has been a very popular game on Roblox for a pretty long time.

Image result for pokemon brick bronze 2. Pokemon Brick Bronze: Pokemon Brick Bronze is a Pokemon game where you can battle with Pokemon, catch new Pokemon, and trade Pokemon. My team is pretty good, and full of Mega Evolutions.

Image result for elemental battlegrounds3. Elemental Battlegrounds: In this game, you basically have powers and you can use spells and get new elements. There’s Water, Gravity, Lava, Time, and much more. You can get some elements by fusing them, like Water + Earth = Crystal. My favorite element is Spectrum.

Image result for super hero tycoon roblox 4. Superhero Tycoon: Superhero Tycoon is full of adventure and earning new things. There’s droppers, which drop gold, and with the gold you can buy stuff like gadgets, weapons, and better droppers that will give you more gold.

Image result for roblox high school5. Roblox High School: This is a game where there are different subjects, like math, science, gym and more. My favorite subject is gym, because you can play basket ball by keeping it away from other players, getting it from other players, and shooting on the hoop. At night you can go to this place called Club Red, where you can buy dancing potions, and dance. You can buy gadgets, and even pets with the money you get. The longer you play Roblox High School, the more money you will get to buy things

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Favorite Roblox Games

  1. Dear Miles,
    I really like Roblox too! And you also got most of my favorite games. I like how you gave your own opinion. I kind of wonder, do you have any other favorite games? Or is that it for you favorites on Roblox. Either way, I completely agree with you that those are good games on Roblox.


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