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Tech Safety Rules

Safety rules are very important in tech because there are a lot of dangerous stuff in the tech room. One rule is to never run in the tech classroom, because there are tons of dangerous objects. Another rule is to listen carefully to instructions. A few other rules are to dress responsibly, wear safety glasses, be careful and more. Here is a picture of all the rules:


Thank you for reading this technology safety post. Bye!

Making Automata

Today I finished my automata! (yaaaaaaay) Well, it turned out to work fine! (yaaaaaaay) This was not my favorite project(because of hot glueing myself) but it was rewarding, seeing my automata all finished. i hope everyone else who does this project has a great time! (in other words, don’t hot glue yourself!)

Completing Flashlight

🔧  Yesterday I finished my flashlight. It was a total of 6 inches, and it worked first try 😀. Here are the steps:

  1. make diagram
  2. saw PVC
  3. get materials needed(PVC, caps, battery & battery holder, wires, switch, and LED)
  4. solder circuit
  5. put it all together!!!

This was a really fun project, especially the soldering(obviously).


Tech Rules

Even though I recently said tech was fun, there are also rules. There are 12 main rules. These are the rules:

  1. Think before you act
  2. Tie back long hair
  3. Training before tools
  4. No talking when using machinery
  5. Always wear safety glasses
  6. Before using machinery, Get instruction, Get permission
  7. Shut off & unplug
  8. Never leave a tool running unattended
  9. Be cautious soldering irons over 842 F
  10. Be careful when using sharp tools
  11. Never run
  12. Report all burns/scratches

My Overall Opinion On 6th Grade Tech

6th grade tech is really fun. You get make switches, learn about circuits, solder, etc. I bet you it’s the best quarterly. I mean, who doesn’t like melting metal, learning about atoms, and making switches to turn on lights. Mr. Calvert’s nice, and it goes by quickly. It’s a break from all that boring stuff like all the boring stuff in school. I hope you enjoy it.

Connecting Switches

This is going to be a VERY short post, and all I’m going to say is that I finally connected all of my switches, and they all worked. Like I said in a different  post, there was one where you push it down, one where you snap it together, and finally there was one where you put one piece to the other. They all worked. YAY!!! Here’s a link to my other post:

Making Switches

Ok. Check that out too. Seeya!

My Favorite Destiny 2 Weapons

There is soooo much weapons I love in D2, but today I’m gonna tell you my top 5 of all time. These will be ordered. Hope you guys enjoy.

  1. Sunshot: I think this hand cannon is so fun, and I think it looks great too. It’s perk, Sunblast, makes enemies explode on the kill. it is so fun blowing up 10 enemies at once!
  2. This has to be the Mida Multi-tool: This gun is just really good. That’s all I’m gonna say. So fun in PvE.
  3. Ace of Spades: This gun has a CRAZY exotic perk, Momento Mori. This makes it so that when you reload shortly after getting a kill, you get 6 very strong shots. With Cabal as an exception, this will probrably ONE SHOT BODY SHOT a basic enemy. TWO SHOT HEADSHOT PvP. It also has Firefly. Insane. Mic drop.
  4. This will be Riskrunner: plain fun when you’re lawn mowing ads.
  5. My final favorite weapon has to be Merciless. This is really good against bosses. Gotta go. Seeya!