January 25

Learning About Blogging

Blogging is a new style of writing for me.  I joined a large group of Scarsdale teachers for a ‘blogging workshop’ today.  We looked at how digital literacy is different from traditional literacy and our goal is to introduce students to blogging so that they have a place of their own to share their writing and their thoughts.  We also looked at some fabulous examples of Scarsdale elementary student blogs – children who posted photos of their field trips and wrote about them, others who wrote about books they’d read, and others who wrote about science experiments they had conducted, amongst others.  The work was impressive.

The bonus of blogging is the automatic audience that can provide feedback.  I think this will excite the writers in my class.

I am looking forward to starting this style of writing with my students and am aware I have to practice myself…this is my first blog!