February 16

Shorter and Shorter Stories

Our challenge was to write a story in 50 words – about a time when we had burst out laughing.  The next challenge was to cut the number of words in half!

48 words:

In December, I flew home from Edinburgh. I watched the movie, Me Before You.  I had headphones on and just suddenly burst out laughing.  Ian said, ‘shhh…’ nudging me, indicating the other passengers. But I still couldn’t help it.  I laughed until tears flowed. Until the story changed…

24 words:

December, flying home from Edinburgh, watching Me Before You.  I laughed, loudly.  Ian said, ‘shhh…’  I laughed until tears flowed. Until the story changed…



February 2

Thoughts on Room 18

We have been thinking a lot lately about how to redesign the classroom for the needs of today’s learners. We looked at the new room concepts that were recommended by the Scarsdale High School architecture studentsThen we commented on themThe question we have to ask ourselves is what type of room environment will help us best with our learning? What changes can we make right away to Room 18 that you think will make the biggest difference for you as a learner (such as adding a type of furniture, writing surfaces, making learning nooks, etc)?