March 6

Making Mochi

Mochi is a Japanese delicacy made with a special grain of rice. It takes a highly skilled person to make mochi. This video introduces the audience to the traditional art and craft of making mochi. Watch as the master explains his lightning quick techniques for turning rice into a classic Japanese treat. After watching, use the Reply space below to answer this: How do you think someone becomes a master or an expert at anything?

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35 thoughts on “Making Mochi

  1. eli25

    Everybody says the answer is practice. I agree. But I also noticed the person in the video said you also need to want to do that to become a master.

  2. kgandhi25

    I think people become masters or experts at things because they have determination, desire, and practice.

  3. nmazza25

    Someone becomes a master or expert by practicing studying determination to do what you do and trust in the people you work with.

  4. atang25

    I think you need determination and practice to be good at something. The more you have determination, the more you practice, and the more you practice, the more you have skill.

  5. htokiyoshi25

    I think that it takes more than practice to be an expert at something. I believe you need determination, and you need to understand what you re doing. Also, if you really wanted to do something, you would have a goal. For example, in the video, the expert had a goal of making people happy and to have people able to eat something delicious. To add on, the expert said you can do anything if you have a strong will to do it.

  6. tlerner25

    I think you become a master is trying,practice and never give up when the task your doing gets hard.doing the thing for a long time can help you become a master because you have a lot of experience.

  7. clombaerde25

    I think it is by practicing, determination and confidence. Also maybe It is to trust others for some things or others.

  8. pflaster25

    I think that the answer is that you become a master by practicing. Also you have to be determined to do that thing

  9. nmcmahon25

    I think that to become really good, you must like what you do, practice, and encourage yourself to do it. If you don’t like what you do, you might not try to do your best. If You don’t practice, you won’t get any better. If you don’t encourage yourself to do it, then you might not even try! That’s why you should try to do all of those things, so you can become a master.

  10. cbartalos25

    Someone becomes an expert at something by practicing a lot and being determined. The master said that his favorite part of making mochi is watching peoples faces when they eat the mochi. That probably gives him determination.

  11. ahandel25

    I think that you need to practice but you also need to want to do. You need to be determined to be good at something and find inspiration. For example in the video the guy loved seeing people enjoy his food and that was his inspiration.

  12. tlerner25

    I think you become a master is trying,practice and never give up when the task your doing gets hard.doing the thing for a long time can help you become a master because you have a lot of experience !

  13. aliu25

    I think the guy is so skilled because he practices. If you were to look farther than that is that not only practices, he also is determined. To be an expert at some thing you need to practice and be determined. If you were not determined then it is no use trying to practice whatever your doing and try to get better at it. If you were determined, then you would push your self to do harder things each time you practice. That is how to become a expert at something you like.

  14. etsou25

    I think that they need to trust the other people to become masters, why? Because if you don’t trust the person you are working with. How will you ever make mochi? You also need determination to make mochi, why? If you are not determined to make mochi, you would say “Nah, I don’t wanna make mochi.” And then you DON’T make mochi because you are not determined. You also need the timing. One person has hammer and you use your bare hands,
    once the hammer strikes. BAM!!! That’s when you strike, but if you don’t come in and you come in late. When you wake up from the pain, you will find yourself in the hospital with 1 million doctors all around you and your fingers covered in band-aids.

    1. nmcmahon25

      I agree with all of them, but, you also need practice. If you don’t practice you’ll be determined AND get hit with a hammer.

  15. sliu25

    I think, in order to become a master at anything, you need to have the will to actually do it. If you don’t want to do something, you wouldn’t get good because you probally wouldn’t try to do it good. You also have to be determined to make others happy, and when you make someone else happy, you feel happy. When you are happy about what you’re doing, you will do it more and more. When you do it more and more, you are practicing, and with practice, you could get good, but of course, it’s not all about practice.

  16. ccornelissen25

    I think that if you want to become a master, you need to practice a lot, you need to have a will, and when you mess up to not give up but to keep trying. I think that the guy that was pounding mochi was an expert because he practiced a lot, had will, didn’t give up and had trust in the people that he was working with (pounding the hammer). Also, if you want to become good in what you’re doing, you need determination. See, if someone doesn’t have determination (doesn’t want to do it) there’s no use trying. If you do have determination you might become very good at what you’re trying to do.

  17. atakamuro25

    I think someone gets better by practicing. I think they need to make lots of time to get better.I also think they need trust and time.

  18. pflaster25

    I think that the answer is that you become a master by practicing. Also you have to be determined to do that thing.

  19. jfernandez25

    If someone wants to be good at something they need to practice a lot that way you good at it, the second thing you need is to like what you doing because if you don’t you will not be happy and the third thing is to put love into your work and make it your best work you can that means you love what your doing and that is something you would want to do for a long time it sort of the same when you are getting a job.

  20. tlerner25

    I think you become a master by trying hard always practicing and never give up when the thing your doing gets hard. Doing the thing the thing you want to become a master at for along time can help you get better and you would have a lot of experience!

  21. cbartalos25

    Hanna, I like how you put a lot of things in your comment and used an example from the video.


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