Healthy Communities

This video featuring cartoon birds on a wire sends a message about what makes up a healthy community of individuals. Watch the video. When you’re done watching respond to these questions. What does this cartoon say about communities? Who is the antagonist in this video?

47 thoughts on “Healthy Communities

  1. It doesn’t matter what you look like. If you see a person that you don’t know, don’t bully him/her, but be nice to him/her.

  2. It says that even if you don’t like a person, don’t use force to get them away, there could be consequences. Like when they peck the other bird off in the video, they fly up and come down naked. Consequences!

    • Right, I think that you shouldn’t use force if you want someone to leave (If you even want to make them go away), you should ask them nicely.

  3. This cartoon says about communities that if you are in a community, and then someone comes over and is very different than the rest, don’t reject him/her because there are consequences!!!

    • I agree, but the video also talked about something else that makes a good community.

    • Should the fear of consequences be the ONLY reason we reject someone from our community?

      • No, it should not be just about consequences. Your first thought should be that it’s not nice.

        • I agree, Alexa. We should be thinking about what is the right thing to do, not whether we will benefit or suffer from it (consequences). It’s an old fashioned saying but, we should always treat others as we wish to be treated.

  4. The video shows that even if you don’t like a person just leave him/her alone.

  5. I think it says that not all community’s get along and sometimes they make fun of people and that is wrong and it proves their a bad community but then they face the consequences.

    • I agree. I think that what you said is true, and as you said, not all communities get along.

  6. This video says that you should think about consequences before you make a action.

  7. I think the little birds are being very mean to each other and the big bird. This is not a healthy community. For example, at first the tiny birds are arguing with each other, then they mock the bigger bird and then they move away from the bigger bird. Every community is peaceful with one another, not always bickering with each other. Also a good community should help new people get used to this place. If you don’t… There will be CONSEQUENCES!!!!!

    • You are so right, Andrew. It is not a healthy community – it seems they are never happy with each other until someone new comes along. Then they all gang up and bully that person. People (and birds) should be tolerant of each other and those with differences.

      • I think what this video says about community’s is that they need to work together, like when they tried to kick out that odd bird but they found out that it was a bad idea. So as a community they meet the consequences together and that was how they ended up naked. If something happens in a community, every body takes a part of the blame because you live there too. You should have said something, that is how a community works.

    • I like your thinking Andrew. It’s always best to be a part of making a healthy community where people support one another. Who wants to be in a place where people are mean to each other?

  8. The cartoon tells that communities can have conflicts and can sometimes fight.

  9. I am also thinking that, not every community is perfect, some can have people that are mean

  10. I think this carton says that communities sometimes don t’ go well but they should get along and be nice to them.

  11. Q : What does this cartoon say about communities?

    A : What this cartoon says about communities is that not all communities go well together all the time. For example, this one does not go well together at all at the beginning then, at the end, they all agree to get rid of the unknown bird.

  12. This cartoon shows us that when people are being mean there are consequences for our actions. It also shows us not to be mean to someone just because they are different.

  13. I think that in a community, you don’t always get along with all the other people. Some times you might get into fights, like when the birds got into each other’s space, they started fighting.
    Communities can also help each other, like in the video, the little birds didn’t like the new bird because it was different. When the new bird tryed to fit in, they worked together to get rid of the new bird, but of course they shouldn’t have done it because then they had to face the conciquences.

    • I think your right about community’s and right about how they should have not done it.

    • I think that you are right, and I like how you gave evidence from the video.

  14. The cartoon says that I guess some communities are not nice. I mean, usually communities are nice to each other. What it basically says is, some communities are different from other communities. What I think about the rude communities is that they should be nicer together otherwise they would not learn how to get together. So this is also a life lesson to show people who don’t get along, TO GET ALONG!!! So if you don’t get along together as a group, then you will never ever ever have a great relationship. So that is what I think about the cartoon.

  15. This cartoon says that you shouldn’t exclude people who want to be in the community even if the person is different from you or the other people in the community because you might realize the consequences to late.

  16. This cartoon is saying that communities can disagree sometimes and that communities can not always be happy and joyful.

  17. This cartoon shows that it doesn’t matter what you look like, and you should be nice to anyone and treat them the same as others.

    • Well, I do agree with you. You need to treat people the way you want to be treated.

  18. I think that this shows that communities are a group of animals living together. They aren’t always friends, but they usually end up as friends. Also, I think it also teaches not to exclude people that aren’t the same as you. You can see that because they mocked the other bird something embarrassing happened. So, don’t be mean to someone, it can come back to you!

  19. I think this cartoon says that communities sometimes don t’ go well but they should get along and be nice to them.

  20. This cartoon says that a community should be nice to each other and helpful. Otherwise, someone may feel left out, other people would not be kind to each other, and there would be consequences. All these were proved in the story, the large bird was probably feeling left out, the little birds weren’t kind to each other, and for that, they had to face the consequences. If they hadn’t teased the large bird, the large bird wouldn’t have laughed when all the birds feathers were plucked out. Everything in this video has a meaning, so please be nice!

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