April 5


Perseverance is an important character trait. It means having enough self control and drive to keep trying; without it we would give up too easily and not grow to reach our potential. It is not easy to persevere when things are difficult – perhaps your school work is difficult, or a friendship you’re trying to maintain is difficult, or you want to do a particular activity but it’s difficult. There are lots of things in our lives that are hard and having perseverance means you accept that it’s hard but you keep on trying.


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I was born in England but, because of my father's work, lived in many different countries as I grew up (India, Scotland, Romania, former Yugoslavia, and Portugal). I married a sailor and kept on traveling! I worked as a Personnel Manager for a few years, then, after having children, I trained as a teacher. I have taught at Edgewood since 1998 - 3rd grade, 4th grade and 5th grade.

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