November 30



Students should have an organized storage space for their robots, making them visible, easily accessible, and able to be charged.


Erik’s Prototype:

This prototype is an improvement on the current cart system used to store the robots. Currently, the wires used to charge each robot come out through the front of the cart, although the charging outlets are at the back. This causes the wires to get tangled which makes the robots harder to remove as well as less visually appealing. This prototype displays a cart, but instead of having the wires come out the front, have holes in the back of the cart. This would allow the robots to retain the visibility and accessibility of the cart, while being visually appealing. The wires would also be more organized, making it easier to plug and unplug the robots as well as keeping the robots untangles


Lianne’s prototype

My prototype is a more organized way to store the robots. There would be one cart with the same amount of cubbies as robots. Depending on the size of each robot the cubbies will be created to fit each type of robot. The entire cart would be on wheels which isn’t in my prototype but would be incorporated into the final design. Each hole would have a corresponding wire for a corresponding robot. Most of the wires and the charging station would be at the back so it wouldn’t look messy and get tangled.  


David’s prototype:

The goal of solving the problem was to make a space where the robot could be visible easily charged accessible and organized. My prototype had a name and color so children of all ages would be able to place the robots back in their correct cubbies. I also created cubbies which makes the robots visible along with a hole in the top to charge the robot. This makes the robot easily charged accessible and organized.


Feedback questions:

  • Is the moving cart aspect the best design? Do they need to be able to move?


  • How many robots of each type are there?
  • How old are these users of the robots?
  • What are the dimensions of each type of robot?
  • How long are the charging cables?


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2 thoughts on “Library

  1. vdyakin26

    We think that we could combine parts of your ideas to make something that would help organize the robot cart. To answer your questions 1. We think that we should have the cart on wheels because Chenyu sais last year they moved the cart many times 2. We will find out later 3. The user of these robots could be from kindergarten to 5th grade 4. We don’t understand the question 5. We will find out later. Good luck with your work.

  2. vdyakin26

    New information: there are 10 big robots and 11 small robots and there are these small robots neer the big ones and there are 10 of them.


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