November 30

Room 2

For Room 2, the teacher needs to be able to use the wall to organize all of the toys in order for the whole room to be used efficiently. We thought of fifty ideas and chose three different ideas to prototype. One of the ideas was to have different sized shelves on the wall which have white boards on the front so the shelves are interactive and you can write what is on each shelves. This idea makes it easy to find the toys and separates them by different uses. Would the whiteboards be distracting and would it be better to have a chalkboard instead of a whiteboard? The second idea was to have a collapsible shelf so that it can be used when needed and can be put away when it is not being used. The shelf is easy to use by hooking and unhooking the clasp from the hook. Would the collapsible shelf be too difficult in the classroom space and are there any suggestions of how to simplify the collapsing process? Lastly, we had an idea to make an interactive wall where the kids can measure themselves on the wall and can play with the fur spots on the wall. Additionally, the toys can be organized on to the wall by pulling tight strings and putting the toys under or by using baskets on the wall. Would this be too distracting in the classroom or are there any other features that would be preferable to add to the interactive wall? To sort through our ideas, could you ask the teacher if the storage problem with the toys was also an issue for the teacher and if they had any preferences that should be considered?


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9 thoughts on “Room 2

  1. sergey

    We really like the idea of the collapsible shelf. We think that it will be perfect for the wall, and and will be useful. The idea of the interactive wall is cool too. Keep up the good work!

  2. Pragya

    Do you think it will be helpful to have the whiteboard be a part of the final idea? Is the collapsible shelf too difficult to understand?What things do you want to be on the interactive wall? Does the teacher have anything to add to the ideas?

    Keep up the good work!

    1. eschiff26

      I think the shelf will be good kind of confusing so a kid doesn’t do it accidentally or purposely so nothing falls. Also is the white board on the shelf or in it? Hope to see you guys soon.

  3. sergey

    There already is a whiteboard in the room, no the collapsible shelf is perfect and easy to understand, and it would be great to have animals and words on the wall, maybe a song or two, since it is the little kid singing class

  4. Dylan

    We need to make the shelves stronger because they are not going to hold up.We are going to put heavy stuff and the wood is not going to hold up.


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