December 1

Art Room

Problem statement: The students and Mr. Fitz need a way to transition and prepare for art class in a way that makes them feel organized and efficient.


Here are our different prototypes:

My Materials Tree is an easy, creative way to organize art materials so that Mr. Fitz’s class has places to store their tools. Also, the Materials Tree gives the class some flavor. Originally, we brainstormed many ideas that were all simple and didn’t add anything but storage space. The Materials Tree will make everyone’s lives way easier by supplying students with a center for storage, and also a piece of art that could decorate the class. With drawers coming out of the trunk and sectioned off areas on the top of the tree, the Materials Tree is the Art Room future.


Are there any additional components I can add to the trunk?

Would branches help with organization? What could they store?

How tall should the tree be so that you all can access it?

My prototype is of 5 flat ferris wheel’s attached to each other in a circular/pentagonal column shape. There are a bunch of little material carts that with the press of a button will go around and around until the material you want is at a height you can reach. Like a ferris wheel, the carts aren’t stuck in one position while rotating so when it goes inside it doesn’t flip over.

Is there anything you can think of that will make it not work?

Where should I put the button to make it work?

How fast should it go?

My column-style organizer separates different art materials onto three different levels. Each level has its own dividers so that we can fit many different types of supplies. When it comes to supplies like brushes, which are frequently bent out of shape, they can instead be placed inside the column in order to protect the pointed end. This column will be placed on either the floor or the tables and be about half the size of the average student so that all materials will be easy to access for everyone.

Should this be placed on the floor or on the tables?

Keeping the last answer in mind, how tall and how wide would you want this to be?

Right now, I have three different levels, but would it be better to have more, less, or the same amount?


General questions:

What parts of each prototype did you like best?

What parts would you change for each one? How would you change them?


Other questions:

What are the measurements for each of the tables?

What is the average height of the kindergarteners? What about the fifth graders?

Could you guys share all the videos with Mr. Fitz and ask him all of the same questions so that we can get his opinion too?


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10 thoughts on “Art Room

    1. Simon

      Thank you Javin! Please let me know if you have any suggestions!!! What other characteristics of a tree might I include in my piece? How tall should I make my tree so that ALL students of ALL sizes can easily reach their materials?

      1. klee26

        Simon, I think the tree should be about 5 feet tall. The fourth and fifth grade materials could be at the top, the middle of the tree could be for the second and third graders, and the bottom materials could be for the kindergarten and first graders. This way everyone can reach!

  1. Kieran Lee

    How big would the flat ferris wheel be? How would the motor connect to the wires to make the bucket spin? How would the bucket flip without everything falling out?

    1. Ian Lerner

      The flat ferris wheel will be about 6 feet tall. The spinning part will also work similarly to a conveyor belt. The motor will spin at the bottom and catch little divots on the inside part of the belt which will slide the conveyor belt moving the buckets. And for your last question, I mentioned in the last sentence of my description that I am going to hold the buckets away from the column so that “when it goes inside it doesn’t flip over.”

  2. jlewis26

    Simon,if we would do branches I think that the slots in the tree would be for the art projets and the branches would hold some of the materials for the students to get materials that they need to make their project. I think that the height of the tree should be at most 5 feet tall. The average height of a 5th grader is about 5 feet.

  3. Ian L

    Hey guys,
    We emailed Mr. Fitz and he said that we are focusing more on the storage of classroom materials as opposed to storage of finished projects, so keep that in mind next time you guys are ideating or commenting on our ideas. We will be sending you guys new ideas soon.

    -High School Members of Kung Fu

  4. klee26

    For the materials tree, do you think you could put wheels on the bottom so when the class isn’t using it or at the end of the day, Mr. Fitz can put it away in the back room easily.

  5. jlewis26

    Hey Ian! For the ferris wheel you would have to have wires for the strings if you would do that or else when you would push the button and nothing would happen because there is no connection to the button.

    Hi Hannah! Your idea is about the same as Simons. Yours has something a little bit different then Simons which is the paint brush holder. I like the paint brush idea but would there be these at each table? If there was then we would have to make a lot or just one?

    Here’s a video of the space in the art room. We wanted to show you the room again for any ideas you have on where we are going to put our final idea.

  6. Mizuki

    Hello Hannah. I think your idea is good, but I think the people in the lower grades wouldn’t be able to reach the paintbrushes on the top. Maybe you can create a different space for paint brushes so that everyone can reach.


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