December 3

Room 18



Group: Polly, Ben, Anton    (Octopus)

Problem Statement: Students and teachers need a way to easily maneuver, organize, and find their belongings in a way that makes them feel at ease.

Prototype 1: We created a replica of the student’s mailbox that is larger so that students no longer need to cram their fold and papers into their area. We also added a little mailbox flag that the teacher can raise when work is returned.

Prototype 2: While we were there, we noticed that the area by the back door was really cramped, causing the door to not fully open. This was caused by the table, the one with the guinea pig crate on top behind the door, being too wide. To solve this problem, we thought we could design an area above or below the mailbox where we can place the guinea pig cage. Prototype 2 is an add-on to prototype 1 as it provides a safe place to put the guinea pig cage

Prototype 3: We created a place to hold the bean bags because we noticed that the beanbags were in a pile by the corner and lacked a proper area.


  • How many people are in the class?
  • Within the room, can you think of any other spaces that need to be organized?
  • What can we change about our designs to make them better?
  • Which prototype do you think will be most useful for your space? Why?
  • Do any of our prototypes not meet size constraints?
  • How does the organization of the room make you feel? If it was more organized, how would that feeling change?


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7 thoughts on “Room 18

  1. lchesnut26

    that sounds great we couldn’t see the videos. But the plan sounds great. there our 20 lids in the class. we don’t have anything else because the other groups our doing cubbies

  2. Polly, Anton, and Ben

    Thank you lchesnut26! The videos should be accessible now through the provided links. We have been informed by our teacher that the mailbox space we had previously agreed to work on no longer needs redesigning. Which drawing did you guys submit to us? May you send a picture of this drawing to us? We are confused as to what you are currently working on. Are you guys working on the 20 lids and if so, what is the issue with them? We believe the 20 lids you are describing are the ones located beneath the mailbox. May you also send a picture to us of the 20 lids or whatever you guys are working on? Thank you

  3. lchesnut26

    Hi guys we liked your models but we want to leave Taz’s cage where it is it will be better in that space so all his things can be under the cage and we don’t want wood chips in our mailbox. There are 20 people in the class. No we don’t need anymore spaces cleared. We think the mailbox because it will fit our folders better. Are we going to have one flag for the mailbox. Only one prototype it is Taz’s cage that stays where it is. If it was more organized it would be easier access.

    – Laura, Max,and Carrie

  4. mblackley

    I think I messed up with this group; I really didn’t think you were working on redesigning the mailboxes, but it seems you are. My apologies.


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