March 26

Early Capstone Presentation Thoughts

You are entering Capstone season! Yay! What are your early thoughts on possible ways to present your findings/stories. Please post your early thoughts in the Comment space below.

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20 thoughts on “Early Capstone Presentation Thoughts

  1. jlewis26

    I feel very excited to start doing my capstone research, I think that I will maybe use Scratch or tynker.

  2. Daniel Vayserfirov The Weird Story Teller

    I think using tinkercad can make a timeline or museum for example if you were doing World War 2 you could show some vehicles such as jets and tanks so the audience has a basic idea of what it looks like.

  3. dchen26

    I am very excited to start my learning of capstone research.I feel like I might use scratch to help me present my presentation

  4. cho26

    I want to present using slides and have each slide relating to what I’m talking about. If I can find enough information I might want to add a video at the end too.

  5. uoba26

    I learned a lot about how to present and what ways I can use. But I am not sure about lots of things from what I tools I am going to use to how to present.

  6. hcampbell26

    I am not exactly sure on how I am gong to present. I would most likely be working on google slides or the same setup that kids have been doing for years with the boards. Instead of just doing the audio before where I have to narrow everything down to talking about my subject for three to five minutes, it would be easy enough to just do the talking, although I might change my mind before then.

  7. awang26

    I am very excited to start my capstone!I was thinking I could use Google Slides and maybe the WeVideo. I don’t want to record my voice though. There are so many possible things I can do, and i’m 50 50 on the scratch tynker. It depends if it help draw readers or listeners in. However, it might be a distraction from the real capstone info.

  8. schamon26

    I think I will be using google sides while I talk and maybe some short clips to support my presentation.

  9. makiyama26

    I think I would be presenting by making a documentary, since I am shy, and I sometimes panic when I talk in front of a lot of people. I think I might research about something that somebody I know knows a lot about.

  10. lliu26

    I am exited to do capstone. Mabye I could do something on google slides. I also might make a poster and if I have time I can add a video.

  11. eschiff26

    I would like to use a slideshow while i’m talking and have a little tynkercad planet. Maybe I could also do a coding game.

  12. sliew26

    I feel nervous, I think I might use a audio as I’m shy and don’t like talking to a whole audience. I think I might also make a slide show too to help me show people what I’m talking about. And, I don’t think I want to do a Ted Talk.

  13. Ethan Isak

    I am really excited to start capstone research, I think I want to do something on the chrome book. Such as we video, ready, or scratch.

  14. lchesnut26

    I think capstone will be fun to do because we can get answers to our questions and it will give us more questions to research. I would feel most comfortable using slideshows or documentaries, or maybe tinker cad to show the audience a visual appearance of what I am talking about.

  15. klee26

    I am using google sites for my immigration research and I think it is really good. I might not use it for my presentation, but it is easy to organize notes, so I think I might use google sites for organizing notes.

  16. mkalashian26

    I think that I could use Google Slides to organize my project and notes and at the end I may do a jeopardy game to test what they learned

  17. Daniel Vayserfirov The Weird Story Teller

    I also think you can make games using scratch to give people a idea of the topic for example if you were doing Chess for your capstone you could make a game of Chess on scratch. (or you could just bring in a chess board on the day of the capstone)

  18. vdyakin26

    I think a ways that I could present is doing a video. I think this is a good idea because the audience can see pictures and it is more interesting that way. Also another idea i have was using a VR. That would be very interesting for the audience.
    And you could easily prove your point with a video.

  19. tleroy26

    I think that capstone should be a exciting experience for kids to learn how to engage an audience, and take a lot of research a question/topic. On possible way to present your capstone could be using a tri fold, google slides and a audio source (if you are shy) or you could even use a vr


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