December 16

Who is Samuel de Champlain?

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I was born in England but, because of my father's work, lived in many different countries as I grew up (India, Scotland, Romania, former Yugoslavia, and Portugal). I married a sailor and kept on traveling! I worked as a Personnel Manager for a few years, then, after having children, I trained as a teacher. I have taught at Edgewood since 1998 - 3rd grade, 4th grade and 5th grade.

12 thoughts on “Who is Samuel de Champlain?

  1. jdetmer28

    I really liked how you guys spoke with expression and how you organized your pictures I liked reading about Samuel de Champlain that was very good

  2. Anna Xu

    This is great!!!
    Some people can be a bit louder though!!!
    I like how you moved your pitch, that must have taken forever!!!!!

  3. tdshkreli28

    I like this video and I like the way you added what he thought
    about when he was young and how he died. I also like the music.


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