There are many different octopuses in the world. one of them are called a coconut octopus. it’s coconut is it’s shell. like humans are mammals octopuses are cephalopods. cephalopods are  a type of mollusk. cephalopods is a Greek word that means “head foot”. octopuses are very intelligent . they are smart because of their nervous system. the cells in their nervous systems are called neurons. the more neurons the better. lobsters have 100.000 neurons. a jumping spider have 600,ooo and humans have 90 billion nuerons. if octopuses need to disguise themselves they can do it three different ways. they can change color. and they can disguise with posture and finally they can disguise by their texture.

breakout EDU

this week we did this thing called breakout EDU. we all as a class had to work together and try to break into a box. the were five locks. one needed a key, two of them needed a word and the rest needed numbers. it was so much fun! If the class  could do something differently next time it would be to work better together. when we played we had to find all different kinds of clues and use them. inside the box there were Hershey kisses and everyone got one”yum!”


On June 12th all of the students in mrs. Assatly’s went to the Scarsdale public pool and went kayaking! we all had to capsize(capsize is when the kayak flips over) just in case if the boat would capsize we would know what to do we went on a freestyle white water kayak, a white water kayak, a touring kayak that you would ride in the ocean, a recreational kayak, and a stand up paddle board. we all got to ride each kayak. my personal favorite was the stand up paddle board.  Thanks to coach S.W we learned how to ride all different kayaks and how to brake turn left and right reverse, and forward. Thank coach S.W for teaching us so much!


review on a dogs purpose

In a Dog’s Purpose a dog dies and then comes back alive. in its first live he is a golden retriever. he is left in a car and he is overheated and doesn’t have any water. a mom and a little boy find him and they break the window and get the golden retriever out. the little boy wanted to keep him his mom was okay with but his dad was not okay with it but the mom has a talk with the dad so they could keep the dog. the little boys name is Ethan. Ethan names him Bailey. He and Bailey  are beasties!! when Ethan gets older he meets a girl named hannah. hannah and Ethan spent everyday together and fall deeply in love Ethan LOVES to play football. When he is a teenager he plays football and there is a bully. One day the bully goes over to Ethan’s house (and his mom lives there too) and the bully slips some lit up fireworks in the mail slot. Bailey notices first and he wake up Ethan and thy mom and they try to escape. daily and the omw get down safely (because the have to jump out of a window) but Ethan gets his foot stuck on a piece of wood and this is the worst part is that that piece of wood was on fire!!! so his foot is in the fire and he can’t get his foot off the wood. After lots of people pull and pull his body his foot is finally free. he has to get a cast on. this makes him really mad because he can’t play football. He is so mad that he breaks up with hannah.  He eventually gets sick and passes away. This was really sad to me because when you see the movie you see how special bailey is to Ethan.in his next live eh is not a he he is a she!!! He i mean her name is Ellie In this life he is a police dog. His owner is very lonely. He can tell that he is unhappy. Finally Ellie makes him happy. One day they have to go save a girl who was kidnapped. Ellie found her and the guy who kidnapped her trough her in the water(because they were on a bridge) Ellie jumped in and saved the girl. The guy who kidnapped the girl was about to hurt the policeman but Ellie jumped on him and kept him down but while Ellie was trying this the bad guy shot Ellie. It was really sad but Ellie new she had saved a live. There are more lives but if you want to find out watch the movie!!??https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jLOOCADTGs


Do you know how to make slime? well if you don’t watch these two videos! in this video it shows you how to make 4 Despicable me related slime! The you-tubers name is Gillian Bower, she does a lot of fun and cool things and she’s always so cheerful!???


      In the book Wonder the main character is a little boy named August Pullman, but his nickname is Auggie. He was born with a facial deformity. He had 27 face surgery’s since he was born. When Aggie was sick he would cuddle with his dog Daisy. Daisy Is super important to Aggie. When Adults and children(mostly children) see them they are scared and in horror or they stare at him. Via usually sees them do this and she gets really mad. He was home schooled for almost his whole life but in fifth grade he finally goes to school(not that he wants to) three kids take him on a tour of the whole schools but one of them is a bully. His name is Julian. The other two kids are named Charlotte and Jack. they are really nice to Auggie.

Eventually Auggie chooses to go to school. At first his dad does not think it is a good idea and his mom thinks it is a good idea, but at the first day at school his mom thinks it is a bad idea and his dad thinks it’s a good idea. At lunch no one wants to sit next to Auggie so he has to sit at a table that no one  is sitting at, but one little girl wants to sit with him. Her name is Summer. At first Summer just sat with Auggie because she felt bad but, soon after she got to know Auggie better she sat with him because she wanted to. Meanwhile summer and Jack are nice to him Julian is still mean to him like he is calling him names behind his back. When Auggie is sad or crying he hugs Daisy. In school Auggie figures out that no one wants to touch him or whenever someone touches him they wash their hands straight away, so Julian made up this thing it was called the plague and when the ever someone touched him they would have to wash their hands in 10 seconds or else they have the plague. One day Auggie ,his mom, and his sister Via get into a fight. Auggie runs upstairs and he wait for his mother to come upstairs because usually she makes him feel better when he is sad or mad, but she does not come up but Via and she said to come downstairs but he said he did not want to apologize to his mom and she said it was not about apologizing she said it was about Daisy so Auggie quickly ran down the stairs and Daisy was just laying on the ground. Auggie’s mom says to say goodbye to Daisy and he whispers to her that he loves her so much and will never forget about her. When Auggie’s mom comes back from the vet Daisy is not in her hand. “So sad!”

It’s Halloween (Auggie’s favorite holiday he likes it because everyone treats him normal and no one stares at hims since he wears a mask) he plans to be Boba Fett, but when he has to go he puts on his bloody scream costume from last year. At school he overhears Jack saying that he does not want to hang out with Auggie he wants to stop just he doesn’t know how to, Auggie is so sad the thing is he was sitting right next to Jack but he thought that they wouldn’t of said that if he was dressed as Boba Fett and he was bloody scream so they didn’t know. Auggie was so said he said that he didn’t feel well enough to go trick or treating. Via felt so sad , so when she went out she gave some of her candy to him. Later on in the story he has to get a hearing aid and they go to a movie night, when Jack needs to bathroom there is a huge line! So he wanted to go into the woods, Auggie didn’t think this was a good idea but Jack begged and begged, so that ended up going into the woods on the way they saw a bunch of older kids and they beat them up but Henry and Miles save him(Julian’s friends)they become really good friends. In the end Julian goes to a new school so no more bullying!


Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers are fun and easy to make! ? tap onto the link and Dream catchers t will teach you how to make a modern dream catcher. if you do do this craft it will look like this at the end (look at the picture all the way on the right )I love dream catchers! somehow they make me happy but at the same time calm. at my house i have a dream catcher and i never take it down. for my birthday i made dream catchers for a fun craft to do, they were so cool, and everyone was having so much fun! ?  dream catchers was believed to catch bad dreams. The good dreams would slip through the hole in the center of the dream catcher, and glide down the feathers to the sleeping person below. The bad dreams would get caught up in the web, and expire when the first rays of the sun struck them. I hope you make a Dream Catcher soon! ??

Korean Garden

Have you ever been to Korean Garden? If you haven’t you should go! Korean Garden is in Yonkers. It’s so good!  They give you pieces of lettuce and you would put this chili paste in it and put rice and put this meat called Kalbi (it’s a Korean meat). Also there is a Korean food that is called Cold Noodles (It’s not called that for real, I call it that plus I forgot what it was called but, it is in this really cold soup and there is noodles in it). It is really refreshing on a hot day so if you go there when it’s hot outside go to Korean Garden and order it!

Every time when you finish your lunch or dinner they give you oranges. Last time I went they were really nice to me. You know how I told you about how they give you lettuce, well, since my twin and I are kids they gave us mini pieces of lettuce. It was just right! The people there are so nice they always say hello in Korean to us when we come in and say good bye to us when we leave. They have quick service and when you get your food it smells amazing! My mom and dad like the cold noodles too (if you think cold noodles sound disgusting, it isn’t). Their fried dumplings are really good. “Yum!”?”In Korean Garden it is mostly quiet , but if it is crowded then it is loud. It is casual there so when you go there you do not need to where anything fancy like a dress. If you have never had Korean food before it is so good and I know because I am fully Korean. Once you go here I bet you would want to come back! I would give this restaurant 5 stars. I hope you go eat at Korean Garden! 

2375 Central Park Ave., Yonkers, NY 10710                                                                                                                                                                          Mon-Thu: 11:30 am – 10:00 pm                                                                                                                                                                                                           Fri –  Sat: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm                                                                                                                                                                                                     Sun   : 11:00 am – 10:00 pm                                                                                                                                                                                                          For reservations call  (914) 771-4066

Hello World!

Hi everyone!  My name is Madeline, but people call me Maile for short. I love playing golf! One time I had to hit a ball into a basket (because we were aiming ) and I hit it in the basket! “Yay for me!”: )

I have a twin sister and she is the best twin anyone can ask for. She makes me laugh a lot! One time I was sick and she made me laugh so hard, I almost forgot that I was sick! I also have the best mom ever! She takes such good care of me all the time. My dad is the BEST dad in the whole entire world! He takes me on so many trips like California, Disney World, Universal ,Philadelphia, South Carolina, and Italy (we got to stay in our private house and we had our own pool and cook! Her food was so good!) He also took me to Kentucky.

My favorite subject in school is writing. I like making up my own stories or writing a story from an animal’s perspective. Almost every night I write. I write a lot of made up stories, not things that have happened in my life.

I also love sketching. I like looking at a picture and trying to draw it. Lastly, I love to read. Three of my favorite books are  Letters From Camp , A Snicker of Magic and Ruby Holler, but two of my all time favorites are Wonder and Because of Mr. Terupt.

I hope you like my blog! : )