Plant Post #1

My class has been studying plants. We had to come up with a question for an experiment. Our group was thinking, what happens if we use no fertilizer pellets? Our group came up with a hypothesis that the plant would take longer to grow and not grow as well. We thought this because fertilizer pellets give lots of nourishment to plant to help it grow quicker. We had two plants for this experiment. One control plant and one manipulated plant. For the control it has seeds, air, water, soil and fertilizer pellets to grow a perfect plant. Then the manipulated plant, for that one I’m using no fertilizer pellets.

After a week they both grew a lot! Both of the plants were green in each quad. Cell four in the control plants was four centimeters. Cell three in the manipulated plants was three centimeters. In a few days Cell two was three centimeters in the control plants. Cell two in the manipulated plants was two centimeters. So far our hypothesis is right. But it might change!

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