Book Partnership – Sunny Side Up

For our first book partnership I am reading Sunny Side Up by Jenifer L. Holm and Mathew Holm. I am reading this book with Max.

As we are reading we are jotting down things we notice. The biggest thing I noticed in the book was:

When Sunny’s grandpa says “Keep your sunny side up!”

I noticed this on page 215. It stood out to me because when Sunny first comes to Florida she is super excited. She thinks she’s going to make lots of friends and go to Disneyland, but none of that is true. When she comes her grandpa’s town she realizes it is a retirement home! The less time she has fun the more she thinks about her family. Her brother Dale has been doing terrible things. Meanwhile she makes a new friend. Then she is much more happy. At the end Sunny tells her grandpa that her bed sucks like her brother Dale. That”s when sunny confessed that her brother Dale was not like this before. When her grandpa realized this he took her Disneyland to let herĀ  to herĀ  have fun. So when she leaves to go back home I think it was super important when her grandpa said that because of her brother Dale and because she is going to miss her friend. When he said that she smiled. I also think this is important because “Sunny Side Up” is the name of the book and I think it means to always be happy and never sad.

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