February 2019 archive

Collaboration-Rube Goldberg

Working in a partnership can be difficult at times but also nice. I think that working alone is worse.

Working alone is good because you don’t have to agree on decisions. You don’t have to compromise either. Another reason is that you can’t have a partner goofing off and not paying attention. You can only get mad at yourself for doing that. I think this is helpful because you have a say in everything you do and you can’t argue.

Working in group is good because you haveĀ  people to get ideas from. This happened to me when we were deciding what the task was. I didn’t know what to do and Alina came up with the idea to lift a post-it of a post-it pack. Another reasonĀ  is that you don’t have as much work. You divide the work between you and them.

I think me and my partner are working well together. We haven’t had big disagreement’s and we argue over little things for like one minute. Overall, our group collaboration is good.

Decision making-Rube Goldberg

We just started our Rube Goldberg a week ago. Already we have had to make decisions about our project. We had to decide things like when we would meet and where and where we would work. These are some of the decisions we made!

Since I had a partner, we got to choose which house we would build our machine in. In the end we decided my house because we had enough room in one spot to place it. We decided to it in my attic or my room because it had the most space. We also choose because we needed a place with a table.

We also had to choose where and when we were going to work on our project. Me and my partner were both free on Wednesday so we decided to work then. We also decided to alternate which house we would work at each week. When we start building we will have to start working at my every week.

I can’t wait to start building and see how our machine turns out!