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Final Reflection-Rube Goldberg

Overall Rube Goldberg was really fun. Alina and I had many ups and downs but got through it.

One of the easiest things was collaboration. We worked well together and didn’t fight much. When we did, we would stop arguing quickly. We also learned to compromise well.

The hardest thing was definitely building. We realized so many errors with our design. We had lots of problems we didn’t think we would have. Also it was hard to find the materials we needed.

I am very sad that this is over and I had such a great time!

Here is our Rube Goldberg video:


Testing the machine-Rube Goldberg

After multiple days of building it was time to test. Alina and I discovered lots of problems but we fixed them.

One problem was that we had trouble finding things. For example we needed 3 different sized tables. We eventually used a table, a chair and a box instead. This took us a very long time.

We didn’t record every test that we did. Sometimes one thing wouldn’t work and the next time it would. The most important was how we set it up. Everything had to be perfect in order for it to work. At the end it took us about 6 or 7 tries which is pretty good!

It was a very tough process but we still had lots of fun!


Designing- Rube Goldberg

Designing was pretty hard. Alina and me had to think of 8 varied steps. This was hard because we had trouble coming up with lots of steps. We did the design at Alina’s house.

For the design we spilt the task. Alina drew the design and I labeled all the parts. We did get a hole in our paper but we made another one. Alina and I worked together to make it neat and readable. I think it was a very nice design.

Our task was to lift a post it off a post it pack. It took a while to figure out what our task was. Eventually Alina came up with the idea of the post it. We both liked it and decided to use it.

Building the Machine-Rube Goldberg

Build was very hard. We learned a lot of things and information. We did end up modifying our design because of problems.

One problem we had was the car wasn’t hitting the dominoes. Our ramp was pretty wide so the car moved all over the place. With the help our mom, Alina and I found a solution. We made a narrower ramp and put books on both sides of the dominoes to make sure it would only hit the dominoes.

Something I thought would be very hard was the lever. First of all, we didn’t know where to get the lever. My dad and I did some searching and found one. When we got it was pretty small and it took some time to assemble. I thought it was to Small but it wasn’t. We did have a problem with the lever moving but we were able to fix that.