Immigrant Project – #3

Making the video was both hard and fun. At times I felt like a wouldn’t be able to get it done in time. In the end, I did finish the video and I was really proud of it!

I had two challenges. One was with the the photos and one was with the audio. The first challenge was with the photos. I didn’t know what photos to use for some slides. When I searched up photos I couldn’t exactly find what I what I wanted. Another problem with the photos was getting photos from home. Me and my mom had to look through a lot of old photo albums before we found anything from when she was in India and when she was little. Another problem I faced was trouble with the audio. In adobe spark video, you can do voice recording for each slide. I did that for all my slides. However, after I finished the voice recording some of the audio disappeared! This kept on happening even though I re-recorded a lot.

It was was super fun  to create to the video. It was a new platform of video making. It was really different than google slides or wevideo. One thing I like about adobe spark is that you can add icons. These are similar to photos but more like emojis. It was nice because if I couldn’t find a photo or I didn’t like any of the photos I could just use icons. Another thing I like about adobe spark is that you can use voice recording on each slide. This is nice because you can voice record one slide at a time. I also like that you can make a separate graphic to put in your video. You would use this if you didn’t like the options they gave for a picture.

Overall, making the video was hard at times but I still really liked it!

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