Immigration Project – #4

The immigration interview project was a really nice experience. There were still a lot of challenges that I faced but I was still happy with the end product. Today I am going to tell you how the experience was!

I think this process made me learn a lot. It taught me that motivation and hard work pays off! I had to be very motivated because it was very frustrating at times. For example, the audio was very hard to record because it kept on sounding choppy and unclear. Also I would mess up a lot and stumble on words. Each slide took about 5-10 minutes just to do the voice recording! Another example was that I couldn’t find any pictures. I didn’t want to have to say exactly what I wrote on the slide, because then the person who was watching it loose interest. This meant I had to find the perfect picture that would match what I was saying. The process also taught me hard work because I had to spend a lot of time on the video so I could finish it. One night, I spent two hours on it! It was a very big project that I had to work hard on in order to complete it.

Overall,  I’m pretty happy with the video because it showed that I put a lot of dedication into it and it really tells my mom’s immigration story. I also liked my ending and thought I did a really good job of concluding the video.  I also liked all the pictures I included. I think they really show what I’m trying to explain. I also liked how I put quotes on some slides so the people who watch understand her story more. However, if I could make any changes I would make some. One change I would make is adding more personal pictures of my mom so that they the person watching can picture her story in her head. Another change I would make is make my audio clearer because it was super to do my audio recording and it sounds a little fuzzy.

In conclusion this so fun! I was really happy we did this interview!

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