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Capstone – #4

Have you ever been to Starbucks? I’m guessing you probably have. But have you wondered where they got all there drinks and coffee? Well I got to check it out for my site visit.

I went to the Starbucks Roastery In NYC. It actually ended up taking the whole day, but it was totally worth it!  I decided to go to the Roastery instead of a regular Starbucks because i go to Starbucks all the time, so it was nothing new for me. Also, I thought it would be very cool to actually go see where they roast the coffee beans. When we got there, it was super crowded. As soon as you walked in though, you could see a big brass machine which was the coffee bean roaster. Luckily, we got to speak to 2 different people that would help learn about this place and also about Starbucks. The first person told about the roaster that they used. She told that in every Starbucks Roastery they have something that makes them unique. Like in Tokyo, they have Cherry Blossoms on the roaster. I thought that was really cool! Also another person who was a coffee bean roaster helped me. She showed us the process of how the roasting worked. Did you know that coffee beans actually start out green before they roasted? I never knew that! I also got to have their food of course. I got this dessert where they put coffee over ice cream, and it was so good!

Something that i learned was about efficiency. Since there are so many Starbucks shops, they need to make sure they can work quickly and get things done This is why they have a complex machines so that they can make sure they get everything done. They have even bigger machines in a factory so they can get more done. Going to the Roastery lets people understand how making the coffee works and how it starts from uncooked green coffee beans to the cup in your hand. I Think this was a really good experience because you actually get to see where you get your drink and see how awesome the process is! This me and my research because efficiency helps them make more coffee which helps them make enough so more customers can come. Also, It shows that they maintain their success by having these Roasteries to roast their coffee bean and also have a shop with so they are working and getting business.

Overall, I really think my Site visit was helpful and helped me answer my main inquiry question!

Here are some of the pictures I took!


Capstone – #3

For part of the researching process, we needed an interview that will help us learn more things about our topic. Today I will be talking about the interview!

Since I was researching about Starbucks success, I thought someone who worked marketing would be good for me. I interviewed a man named Nikhil Gharekhan, who works in marketing. He works at a company called Ogilvy & Mather. Since he works in marketing he wouldn’t be expert on drinks and the flavors. This meant that a with my interview questions It had to talk more about advertising and expanding their business instead of the food and drink designs. Still making interview questions got really hard. My mom had to come help me  because I got very frustrated! At the end, I got my questions done. Then, of course, I had to go interview him! He was really nice and was excited to give me more information. And get this, he actually does marketing for Starbucks! This meant that he could tell me a lot of information that a lot of people might not know. I was really excited once I heard this and was ready to start Get some information!

I learned some really important things from Nikhil. One major thing that he told was that they are your “third place”. I know what you are thinking, “what does that mean?” Well, basically it means it is the third place you spend time in. For example one place could be school or work, then next is at home and, the last place is supposed to be Starbucks. This means you spend a lot of time there, which is what they obviously want! Also another thing I learned  was that people often come and stay at Starbucks because of the nice experience. I don’t know if you have noticed, but Starbucks a ton of seating options and gives you a cozy vibe that makes you want to stay! In the Starbucks in the Golden Horseshoe even has card and board games for you to play! Isn’t that amazing! They do this because maybe if you stay longer, you will decide you want another coffee or more food, which helps their business a lot! This is unlike other stores which gives an advantage to Starbucks and makes them nicer than other competitors!

Overall, the interview was super helpful and he  taught me things I never knew before! Now, next stop: My site visit!

Capstone – #2

For our next step in the project, we had to find main inquiry questions and five sub-head questions. Today I’m going to share the experience of doing that!

A main inquiry question is a question which is supposed to guide our research. This also helps us make our topic more specific and narrowed down. Finding main inquiry questions was not that hard to be honest. When I picked my topic I kind of had a idea for my main inquiry question. Mrs. Cooper helped us brainstorm by giving us template and seeing if our topic fits into one of them. This did help get me to think of more questions. I was debating between two questions, “How has Starbucks evolved over time?” or “How did Starbucks become so successful?” At the end I decided on “How did Starbucks become so successful?” I picked this question because I really wanted to know all the marketing tricks they used and how they started from nothing and now is a super famous business that so many people know about. I really love my question and I think it will be super fun to research about!

Now that we had our main inquiry question we needed at least five sub-head questions. Sub-head questions also helped us guide our research. But sub-head questions also make sure we know what we need to research and keeping it organized. This was much harder than picking a main inquiry question because I had to find lots of questions instead of one. Something that did make a little easier was that it didn’t have to have questions that can’t already be known. One or two of them could already be known. Still, I got super frustrated at times. One challenge was that I didn’t know he wording for some of the questions. I would know what I wanted to research with that question but just didn’t know how to put it in a question. Thankfully I did get help by my teacher aid and interns and got ideas for word choices. In fact I ended up having six questions! My six questions were : “How did Starbucks get created?”, “What did they do to attract customers to come to their shop?”, “How did they motivate employees to come and help them work?”, “How did Starbucks expand its business?”, “Where does Starbucks rank among its competitors?” And “What does Starbucks to maintain its success?”

I think my sub-head questions and main inquiry question our awesome and that capstone will be a wonderful time!

Capstone Project – #1

In school we are doing a project called capstone. Capstone is researching a topic of your choice and making a big presentation about it. For the first part of this 7-8 week project, we had to choose a topic.

Coming up with ideas was a big thing because we had to choose a good topic that would keep us occupied for a long time. Mrs. Cooper helped brainstorm a lot in class and gave things to help us find the best topic. She gave a packet with a bunch of questions like what are your interests? Or who is someone you look up to? These were just a few of all the questions that were in the packet. Another thing to help us was a poster with different topics like economics or art. We were suppose to correlate our topic with each of those topics and make questions. This was to help look at our topic in new ways. After this I had a couple of topics. I was thinking of doing Netflix, Starbucks, or Hollywood! This process was challenge because at first I didn’t know what to do. I was so worried I wouldn’t get a topic in time! Thankfully I did find a few topics I liked.

I did have to finalize my topic and choose between all the ones I liked. Mrs. Cooper helped us do this by trying things with all our topics that we had and see which you could get a lot of information from. Like I mentioned before, we used a poster. But not just once, because we had to try a bunch of topics so we could see which one is the best! She also talked to us about what makes a good topic so that we could eliminate the bad ones and just be left with one or two that was really good. Brainstorming and finalizing the topic took about a week. It took a decent amount of time but not a lot. This was a very important week because it was the beginning of our entire capstone project. At the topic chose was…. the history of Starbucks! Even though it was hard I did finalize my topic.

Overall I’m really happy with my topic and I think it will give me a lot of information about things I never knew. I think capstone is going a super fun experience and I can’t wait!