Capstone Project – #1

In school we are doing a project called capstone. Capstone is researching a topic of your choice and making a big presentation about it. For the first part of this 7-8 week project, we had to choose a topic.

Coming up with ideas was a big thing because we had to choose a good topic that would keep us occupied for a long time. Mrs. Cooper helped brainstorm a lot in class and gave things to help us find the best topic. She gave a packet with a bunch of questions like what are your interests? Or who is someone you look up to? These were just a few of all the questions that were in the packet. Another thing to help us was a poster with different topics like economics or art. We were suppose to correlate our topic with each of those topics and make questions. This was to help look at our topic in new ways. After this I had a couple of topics. I was thinking of doing Netflix, Starbucks, or Hollywood! This process was challenge because at first I didn’t know what to do. I was so worried I wouldn’t get a topic in time! Thankfully I did find a few topics I liked.

I did have to finalize my topic and choose between all the ones I liked. Mrs. Cooper helped us do this by trying things with all our topics that we had and see which you could get a lot of information from. Like I mentioned before, we used a poster. But not just once, because we had to try a bunch of topics so we could see which one is the best! She also talked to us about what makes a good topic so that we could eliminate the bad ones and just be left with one or two that was really good. Brainstorming and finalizing the topic took about a week. It took a decent amount of time but not a lot. This was a very important week because it was the beginning of our entire capstone project. At the topic chose was…. the history of Starbucks! Even though it was hard I did finalize my topic.

Overall I’m really happy with my topic and I think it will give me a lot of information about things I never knew. I think capstone is going a super fun experience and I can’t wait!

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