Capstone – #2

For our next step in the project, we had to find main inquiry questions and five sub-head questions. Today I’m going to share the experience of doing that!

A main inquiry question is a question which is supposed to guide our research. This also helps us make our topic more specific and narrowed down. Finding main inquiry questions was not that hard to be honest. When I picked my topic I kind of had a idea for my main inquiry question. Mrs. Cooper helped us brainstorm by giving us template and seeing if our topic fits into one of them. This did help get me to think of more questions. I was debating between two questions, “How has Starbucks evolved over time?” or “How did Starbucks become so successful?” At the end I decided on “How did Starbucks become so successful?” I picked this question because I really wanted to know all the marketing tricks they used and how they started from nothing and now is a super famous business that so many people know about. I really love my question and I think it will be super fun to research about!

Now that we had our main inquiry question we needed at least five sub-head questions. Sub-head questions also helped us guide our research. But sub-head questions also make sure we know what we need to research and keeping it organized. This was much harder than picking a main inquiry question because I had to find lots of questions instead of one. Something that did make a little easier was that it didn’t have to have questions that can’t already be known. One or two of them could already be known. Still, I got super frustrated at times. One challenge was that I didn’t know he wording for some of the questions. I would know what I wanted to research with that question but just didn’t know how to put it in a question. Thankfully I did get help by my teacher aid and interns and got ideas for word choices. In fact I ended up having six questions! My six questions were : “How did Starbucks get created?”, “What did they do to attract customers to come to their shop?”, “How did they motivate employees to come and help them work?”, “How did Starbucks expand its business?”, “Where does Starbucks rank among its competitors?” And “What does Starbucks to maintain its success?”

I think my sub-head questions and main inquiry question our awesome and that capstone will be a wonderful time!

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