Capstone – #6

Have you ever had to present a big project before? Well I have to, and so does everybody in our grade. Today I will be telling you how I have prepared for this capstone project.

First off, we had to make a script. You had to take the most important reasons out of your essay and put that in your script. When you are done with your script, it should be 5 to 6 minutes. At first, mine was 7 minutes. That was a minute too long. So, I had to cut down some things that I thought weren’t necessary and as important. Then it went down to six minutes. However, another time it as 5:30. So I guess it depends how fast or slow you talk, and the pacing of the words. Here is my Script: Slide 1 (done)

    • Speaking: Hello, my name is Meera, and my capstone project is about Starbucks. I have always loved Starbucks and would go there a lot. But have always wondered why Starbucks is so successful. Today, I will be answering that!
  • Slide 2
    • Speaking: Starbucks was founded on August 18th 1987. The owners were Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker and Zev Siegl. Starbucks was created in Seattle, in Pike’s place market, They created Starbucks because Baldwin, Bowker and Siegl thought that Seattle needed a better high quality coffee shop.
  • Slide 3 
    • Terry Heckler, their advertising agent helped come up with the name! He thought it should start with “st” because he thought it was very powerful. At First, they first settled on Starbo. However later they decided on Starbucks, which was from the book, Moby Dick.
  • Slide 4
    • At first, starbucks only was selling and roasting coffee beans, and wasn’t actually selling coffee. Later on, Howard Schultz convinced them to sell coffee and not just the beans. This made a lot more people come to their shop. and that was how Starbucks started its road to success!
  • Slide 5
    • So many many people will come to Starbucks. But how does Starbucks attract all these people? When Starbucks first started to expand into colder places like Chicago, people wanted something warm. Starbucks took this as an advantage and start selling drinks like hot chocolate.
  • Slide 6 
    • Advertising is very important when it comes to getting people’s attention. That’s why Starbucks advertises their drinks in movies and TV. If someone sees a really cool drink, they might want to check it out.
  • Slide 7 
    • Variety is key when you want more people to come. That’s why people come, because they have drinks like coffee, refreshers and frappuccinos. Also Starbucks has food which is good people who are hungry and don’t just want a drink.
  • Slide 8 
    • Starbucks has to expand their business in order for it to become popular and well known. There are many ways they expanded. Back in the early ages of the company, Howard Schultz was the one who thought they should move starbucks into other states. This was a very big deal because if they hadn’t of done this, they wouldn’t get nearly as much business.
  • Slide 9
    • Starbucks also has fancier shops, which are called Roasteries. They make these shops because they want their business to have higher quality shops that has a different experience than a regular store. I got to check out a roastery in New York city and it was really cool. Inside they have a big coffee roaster, which is where they roast all of starbucks coffee beans. Pretty cool right! Also, they have totally different menu items, which are really good! Overall I learned they have these shops because they want people to enjoy something fancier and different.
  • Slide 10
    • People come to Starbucks because of the yummy drinks that the baristas make. But how does Starbucks make motivate to come and help them work? Turns out, there are tons of perks you get if your an employee.
  • Slide 11
    • Starbucks has a bunch of health coverage for their employees. If you are a full time employee, Starbucks will pay for your health care.
  • Slide 12
    • Since you work there, you can can things free and discounted. Every week, barista’s get 1 or 2 free things. Also, everything they buy from Starbucks is 30% off.
  • Slide 13
    • Vacations are very nice. But it is even nicer if someone will pay for some of it. Well, that’s what Starbucks will do for full time employees.
  • Slide 14
    • If you are a successful store like Starbucks, you probably have a lot of competitors. Starbucks biggest competitors are Starbucks and Dunkin. SO where Starbucks rank among its competitors and why?
  • Slide 15
    • There are many ways why Starbucks is a super good and successful shop. For example Starbucks has really quick service. It only takes 5-10 minutes, and for a super popular store, I’d say that’s pretty quick! Also, they have very high quality machines, that make really good drinks. The barista’s there help make the drinks too, which they know really well and can perfect every drink. Starbucks Cleary has a lot of reasons why there a very good store.
  • Slide 16
    • Now you know that Starbucks successful because of all these reasons. But still, they can become less and less popular. So how does Starbucks maintain its success? One way Starbucks does this is by having a nice and comfy store. I don’t know if you have noticed, but Starbucks stores has lots of chairs and comfy ones too. The environment is very cozy, which is why many people come there to get work done. Starbucks creates this atmosphere because it makes people want to come.
  • Slide 17
    • My interview told me that Starbucks refers to themselves a third place. I know thinking, what does that mean? Well, basically it means that you have 3 places you spend a lot of time at. The first place could be home and the second one could be school/work and Starbucks is supposed to be the third place. They want people to go there often so they try to make it a very enjoyable place.
  • Slide 18
    • Overall I learned that Starbucks success is because of all of the hard work they put in to make sure you have the best experience and want to come back again and again.
  • Slide 19

Thank you for listening. For more information, please check out my blog or scan this QR code. I hope you enjoyed it!

After we were done with our script, we had to practice. I am still practicing to this day, because I need to memorize it. I have everything on index cards, so it is easier to read off of it. I think this is very hard, because you need to feel confident with your words and not stumble over them. I also had to make a slideshow to go along with my script. My slide show consisted of only pictures, until the end, where I have the link to my blog. It was kind of hard to choose all the pictures. This was because if we used the pictures google slides suggested, we wouldn’t have to source them. However, there isn’t that many choices. If you search them up on google, you will get more variety, but you will have to source. Sourcing takes a very long time, and you feel that you are wasting time.

Overall, I worked very hard on my presentation, and I can’t wait to present it!


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