September 2019 archive

Soldering – Tech post #4

We started to talk about soldering the next day. The first thing we did was brainstorm our designs. We used a circle template. I chose to make a wave. The next thing we did was create our design on an app called Vectornator. It was hard to make it on that app because it didn’t exactly look like I wanted it too. Next we printed out our design and used wires to make our design. I just finished that step. The next step is to solder your design. I haven’t done that but I’m about too. Overall Soldering has super fun so far!

Wooden block challenge – Tech post #3

On the 3rd day, the Internet wasn’t working well so we decided to tackle the wooden Block challenge. Mr. Calvert put up 2 shapes on the board, (one easy and one hard) and we had to make it. It was important that you chose the right blocks, so it would be really sturdy and not fall down. The other people in my group were Devin and Ada. When we tried building it would fall down a lot of the times. It happened to other groups too. Some groups would get really close, but then it would fall down. At the end we managed to build the shape without it falling down! I think we were the only group that did that. Overall, it was a challenging but fun experience.

Breakout EDU – Tech post #2

The next day, we played breakout EDU. It was like an escape room. There were 3 different locks we had to open. One of them had arrows, another had numbers and the last one had a word. There was also another lock that was for both teams. This lock helped you unlock the other ones. We had only 25 minutes, but both teams did manage to unlock all of them. The first one we unlocked was the arrows. The number, and lastly the word one. The other group finished first, but I still had a lot of fun!

Safety – Tech post #1

I have been in technology class for 4 days. This is my quarterly and I have Mr. Calvert for my teacher. I have had a really good time so far! We have done lots of things and I’ve learned a lot too. First, one of the big things we talked about was safety. He talked a lot about indicients people have been through when they didn’t follow the safety rules. First he told us that we needed to tie our hair back. He showed a video of a guy who caught his hair on a power drill. It made him start bleeding! It wasn’t fun to watch. But I did learn a lot about safety!