October 2019 archive

Flashlights – Tech post #8

In technology we started working on flashlights. These were supposed to be made to help the kids in Thailand, who got stuck in a cave. There was no light so they couldn’t see anything. We started to brainstorm designs for our flashlight. These flashlights had to fit in a special box. If not, it is too big. You also have to think what type of design would work best for the kids. After brainstorming, we picked our favorite design and drew it on a new paper. After that, we made a drawn to scale sketch. This was an important sketch because it had all the measurements we needed.

Here is my drawn to scale design:

Breadboards – Tech post #7

We just learned about what a breadboard is. A breadboard has 2 power strips. The positive side of the power strip is called the anode. The negative side of the power strip is called the cathode. You use the breadboard to light up lights. To light up a light you need wires, a battery pack and a LED light.

Here is a picture of an LED light on a breadboard:


Switches – Tech post #6

We started working on switches. These were based on self driving cars. I hade to make 3 switches. The switches were supposed to act like self driving cars. We used tinfoil so that it would be conductive and work. The first switch made was like a seesaw. The next one was like a bouncy swing. The last one was another type of swing like switch.

Soldering 2 – Tech post #5

In technology I soldered my piece. It was kind of scary, because I was scared I was going to burn myself. Two people already burned themselves, so it made it even worse. When I was soldering, It was 842º, and there was a soldering piece that went with it. The solder piece helped make the metal melt. After I finished soldering, it kept on breaking so Mr. Calvert helped me finish it. Overall, even though it was really scary sometimes, it still was a fun experience.

This is my soldering piece!