Flashlight 2 – Tech post #9

Now that I finished my drawing, it was time to make my flashlight. First I worked on my wires and circuit. Right away I measured my wires. The next thing I had to do was strip my wires. This meant I used a tool and took off the rubber part of the wire.  After that, I hooked both ends of the wires that had been stripped. Then, it was time to create my circuit. This circuit was how I made the light turn on. I soldered my switch,battery,and wires all together. 2 of the wires were positive, and both of those had to touch the switch. The other wire was negative, and it was supposed to touch the battery and light. After I made my circuit, I had to cut my pipe. I used a saw to cut my pipes, which was a little scary, but turned out to be pretty fun. I cut it 2 ½ in. To match my drawing. After that was done, I had to drill holes where my light and switch were supposed to go. The bigger drill was for the light, and the smaller drill was for the switch. After I did all of that, I assembled my flashlight. Since I measured everything, it all fit perfectly. The last thing I had to do was decorate. This was to add a bit of personality to your flashlight. 

Here is my flashlight:

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