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Immigrant Project – #2

I was super excited to interview my mom and find out a bunch of new things! Even though She is my mom and I know her very well, we never talked about her Immigration experience. From the interview l learned so much and learned some interesting things. I also had challenges though.

One challenge I faced was with my questions. My mom was only 3 when she immigrated so she didn’t really stay in her homeland for long. This meant she couldn’t really remember what her homeland was like or how was it different from America. This meant I had to change some of my questions so that she could answer it. Coming up with questions was pretty hard. I didn’t know a lot of questions that I could replace them with. Since I couldn’t find questions to replace all of them with I ended having less questions than what I started with. Instead of 12 questions, I had 10.

The Interview was really fun! I learned super cool things about my mom and their experience! I think the most interesting thing I learned is that the haven’t seen a lot of the same machines and technology we have. What I mean by this is that she and her brother had never seen an elevator or escalator before! I wasn’t until they reached America that they discovered all these things.This was surprising and interesting to me because these are something we use so often and we wouldn’t think that they are weird or different. But for their family who came from India it was new for them.

Overall, the interview was a really nice experience for me. I discovered a lot of things I never knew before. I now know her story and can’t wait to make it into a video!