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Immigration Project – #4

The immigration interview project was a really nice experience. There were still a lot of challenges that I faced but I was still happy with the end product. Today I am going to tell you how the experience was!

I think this process made me learn a lot. It taught me that motivation and hard work pays off! I had to be very motivated because it was very frustrating at times. For example, the audio was very hard to record because it kept on sounding choppy and unclear. Also I would mess up a lot and stumble on words. Each slide took about 5-10 minutes just to do the voice recording! Another example was that I couldn’t find any pictures. I didn’t want to have to say exactly what I wrote on the slide, because then the person who was watching it loose interest. This meant I had to find the perfect picture that would match what I was saying. The process also taught me hard work because I had to spend a lot of time on the video so I could finish it. One night, I spent two hours on it! It was a very big project that I had to work hard on in order to complete it.

Overall,  I’m pretty happy with the video because it showed that I put a lot of dedication into it and it really tells my mom’s immigration story. I also liked my ending and thought I did a really good job of concluding the video.  I also liked all the pictures I included. I think they really show what I’m trying to explain. I also liked how I put quotes on some slides so the people who watch understand her story more. However, if I could make any changes I would make some. One change I would make is adding more personal pictures of my mom so that they the person watching can picture her story in her head. Another change I would make is make my audio clearer because it was super to do my audio recording and it sounds a little fuzzy.

In conclusion this so fun! I was really happy we did this interview!

Immigrant Project – #3

Making the video was both hard and fun. At times I felt like a wouldn’t be able to get it done in time. In the end, I did finish the video and I was really proud of it!

I had two challenges. One was with the the photos and one was with the audio. The first challenge was with the photos. I didn’t know what photos to use for some slides. When I searched up photos I couldn’t exactly find what I what I wanted. Another problem with the photos was getting photos from home. Me and my mom had to look through a lot of old photo albums before we found anything from when she was in India and when she was little. Another problem I faced was trouble with the audio. In adobe spark video, you can do voice recording for each slide. I did that for all my slides. However, after I finished the voice recording some of the audio disappeared! This kept on happening even though I re-recorded a lot.

It was was super fun  to create to the video. It was a new platform of video making. It was really different than google slides or wevideo. One thing I like about adobe spark is that you can add icons. These are similar to photos but more like emojis. It was nice because if I couldn’t find a photo or I didn’t like any of the photos I could just use icons. Another thing I like about adobe spark is that you can use voice recording on each slide. This is nice because you can voice record one slide at a time. I also like that you can make a separate graphic to put in your video. You would use this if you didn’t like the options they gave for a picture.

Overall, making the video was hard at times but I still really liked it!

Passion Project Reflection 1

I wanted to learn more about cooking. We made a web on our topic and tried to narrow down our topic to something smaller. Eventually my train of thoughts lead to the idea of pancakes. When we got our narrowed down topic we were supposed to make a web. I mainly thought about cooking shows, famous restaurants and what you need for pancakes. But then I started thinking about the evolution of pancakes. How were they invented for? What were they made out of? I also wondered if pancakes were patented. Lots of people eat it for breakfast, but do lots of people eat them for lunch, a snack and dinner? I had so many questions and I couldn’t wait to do some research.

Next we had to develop questions. I had a ton of questions but they weren’t sophisticated enough. I had a lot of red light questions. A red light question is when you will only get a one word or small phrase as a answer. A green light question is when you can get a lot of information about your question. In other words, it is an open ended question. A really good word to start a green light question is, how. Anyways, I ended up having to redo some of my questions. Then we made search terms. We had turn our question into a phrase. Now, it was time to research!

First, for research we had to find links/sources for our research. They had to be reliable sources that has true information. We used our search terms for this. Personally, this was the hardest part because there isn’t much information about pancakes. After a lot of looking up search terms I finally found some good reliable sites. Next, we went on those sites and research about our topic. We had to take notes based on non fiction text structure. I found a lot of information It was actually very surprising and cool because this information is nothing close to what I thought a pancake was and where it came from.

So far, I think this is a great experience for me to learn new things and learn how to be a good researcher.