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Analytical Paragraph

For our fantasy unit, we have to write an analytical paragraph for each book we read. Today I’m going to tell you what has been challenging and what’s been easy!

    The analytical paragraph is like one paragraph of an essay. This makes it much easier, because I have written a lot of essays like this. They all have the same format, which makes it easier for me to know how to structure my paragraph. The format is: Topic sentence, background information, text evidence, page reference, explanation, further analysis, and a concluding sentence. Another thing that makes it easier is that I have been jotting. By jotting you are able to have all possible ideas for the paragraph right in front of you. Throughout the book I like to highlight the most important notes that are good starters for what I should write about. 

    One thing that is challenging is the analysis section. After explaining each evidence for a couple of sentences, we have to dive further into why it supports my main idea. I find this hard because sometimes I feel that I have already explained the reasoning behind my evidence. To fix this problem, I like to go back to my book and jots and read them over. After that I think, “What is the big idea from this theme?”. This helps tremendously because it makes me notice things I haven’t noticed before that would help make my paragraph even stronger.

    Here is the first analytical paragraph I have written!:

Information Book – Cello

I have been working on my information book called “How to Play a Piece on the Cello.” I chose this topic because I have been playing the cello for four years. First I wrote all chapter’s in my writing notebook. Next I typed my three chapters on my chrome book. Then I added Pictures and captions to support my writing. Then I wrote my introduction and typed that up. Last I added animations to my pictures, captions, and my writing. My favorite part was the animation. It was a hard and long process so I hope you enjoy!